How TikTok ‘hacks’ spoil fast food

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Once again, TikTok ruins everything. Sometimes people in the comments ask why we cover TikTok so much – well, dear reader, this is proof that what’s happening on this app can create real and sometimes devastating changes to the way we go about our daily lives. The next time you try to order tacos from the Chipotle app and you can’t blame TikTok.

Latest Chipotle hack from TikTok

We’re no strangers to Chipotle hacking — in April, writer Dennis Lee tried to get Burrito only $2 As someone on TikTok claimed to have done it. Not only did it not work (I had cearned $8.60), it wasn’t even good taste. The problem seems to be that when requested in person, the human behind the record can see through your scheme and discover your true motives. Either that or they will assume you want a full size burrito and will charge you for it.

Recently, TikTok users have been liking Tweet embed She tries a new hack that specifically involves ordering a taco through cell phone Application. Our buddy John orders one taco and orders a side of rice, a side of beans, a side of veggie fajita, a side of sauce, a side of jack (which costs) Only 1 dollar with a taco), and a side of a tortilla, which is shown in this video the size of a burrito shell. The total ends up at around $4.50, about half the cost of a typical chipotle burrito. Seems like a good deal.

Chipotle quickly caught the chartAnd the According to InsiderOn September 7, he sent an email to the managers saying that taco orders From the app until further notice. Customers can still order tacos in person, but chances are they’ll get away with hack Much less when the customer and employee have to look at each other in the eye during treatment.


How social media is changing the way we order food

Of course, bigger Chipotle’s incentive to crack down on this hack is that it costs the company money. But these “hacked” commands create other problems as well. Its elaborate nature, designed to exploit various loopholes in the arrangement process, can also create Delay in other orders.

For this reason Lots of Starbucks baristas are talking against them Social media accounts very sharing-Complex drink orders to create the designer Coffee with names like ‘Gringotts Dragon Frappuccino’ and ‘Triple Threat Latte.When a barista has to state Time in this exaggeration drinks, it take attention Far from any other customer and does not always leave the coffee maker in the best mood – believe me, You don’t want to be bothered Barista makes your coffee.

Applications are also a matter of accessibility. People who have difficulty he heard or talkFor example, relying on this kind of technology to deliver their food orders without communication barriers. When TikTok hack removes this request optionIt’s more than just a minor nuisance to a large population from clients.

Hacks have become part of the culture of some fast food restaurants, like McDonald’sThey even released their “hacked” lists. But whether it’s coming From TikTok or the restaurant itself, what these hacks miss is what the restaurant is really good at. There is a reason why McDonald’s continues to sell Big Mac After decades of being introduced to the menu – it’s just as good as it is. Pass these big companies Endless rounds of quizzes To determine what we consumers will enjoy more. Why not just forget about the influence of social media, trust the process, And leave breakouts behind?