How Restaurant Owners Are Changing Kitchen Style According to Millennials, Hospitality News, ET HospitalityWorld

By Sahel SambiWe have always seen trends change and evolve whether it is in fashion, lifestyle or even dining out. For me, millennials are credited with being the ones who seek to “change the world.”

After the pandemic, we can see that the food world is not disrupted overnight, and millennials are certainly driving change in the food revolution. From shifting from unhealthy foods to healthy, organic and authentic foods, it is rapidly evolving nowadays.

Here are some of the best reasons why and how restaurateurs are changing the style of the kitchen according to millennials

Millennials prefer mindful eatingAccording to our research, we can find that the changing habits of millennials revolve around their conscious indulgence. This totally means that today’s youth want to indulge in the right eating habits. The habit of conscious indulgence has forced these restaurants to change their cuisine and add cuisines that ensure healthy, organic, and healthy eating.


Awareness of unhealthy foodsAs the younger generation gets older, we can easily find how conscious they are about their bodies and what they eat every day. They often hit the gyms, visit nutritionists, follow health groups on social media, and take better care of their health in general.

Simply eating unhealthy, oily or greasy foods is not what millennials today prefer. The change in eating patterns from unhealthy to healthy has changed dramatically, and this has brought restaurants up their game and changed the menu or dishes that were previously recalled.

If you are a restaurateur, start adding new items to your menu that are super healthy and super organic. Make sure that the ingredients used in the dish are also healthy and of good nature, adding a brief how-to-cook will add credibility to your niche.

With millennials conscious of health, the old refined oil has been replaced by a healthier olive oil in cooking, and multigrain bread has become the preferred choice over regular maida bread.


Calories-Another important factor that millennials of our time look at is the amount of calories that millennials are definitely watching. Therefore, it is important for each restaurant owner to make sure to mention the amount of calories that a particular dish is eating so that every other consumer is aware of how much and how much they are consuming.

Millennials want to try new and exotic cuisines – the enjoyment of South Indian, Punjabi, Rajasthani or Rajasthan is long gone. Millennials today welcome to experiment with new dishes, items, or cuisines, both locally and internationally. Foods such as Japanese, Vietnamese and Burmese which were very rare to find or admire are preferred over traditional Indian food or fast food because they are healthier in cooking methods and also cooked with fresh ingredients and herbs.

Dishes like summer rolls, dim sums, pho, seafood salad, and shrimp mousse are some of the freshest and healthiest one can eat but they are absolutely delicious.

Japanese cuisine is the most common cuisine in India with a large following of dishes such as sushi, sashimi, salads and carpaccio. These dishes are in great demand and they are available in almost every multi-cuisine restaurant. Thus, Japanese cuisine restaurants show that consumers are becoming more experimental and open to trying new dishes and cuisines. Until a few years back, one could hardly find a Japanese restaurant showing the growth of the new cuisine market in India.

conclusion-In the new age world, we have found a dynamic change in lifestyles, choices and preferences. Today’s generation is more conscious and makes an extra effort to stay fit and healthy. Exploring new restaurants and new cafes is still in the game but what has changed are the options i.e. better quality food or cuisine has topped the game.

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