How Aveda is changing lives with the power of vegan hair care

Note: The video above is interactive.

Just a little sniff of Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Shampoo or Conditioner can transport you to a specific place and time in your life. For some, the invigorating scent takes them straight back to their first luxurious haircut experience, sitting in a chair with their hairstylist deciding what their signature look should be. Aveda’s Cherries Maybe the sweet floral scent of his almond products won you over.

Regardless of what these memorable scents mean to you, they definitely introduced us to the highly effective wonders of vegan hair care long before “clean” was the most talked about beauty topic. No. Although Aveda officially eliminated animal-derived ingredients from its products in 2021, especially honey and beeswax, the brand has been cruelty-free since its founding in 1978, and has always made botanicals the powerhouse of its formulations. I’m watching

Aveda Botanical Repair Collection


Now, Aveda is showing us just how impactful 100% vegan hair care can be with the Transformed by the Power of Vegan campaign. Over the past few months, the iconic brand has shared its hair transformations on social media channels. Not just the impressive product line-up and in-salon treatments, but all supported by Aveda’s highly talented team of national artists. They bring the utmost passion and unparalleled flair to the hair of everyone sitting in their chairs. Build strong connections.

The stories shared so far through this campaign show that hair color and haircuts are more than an aesthetic choice.Working with Aveda artists and witnessing their expertise and compassion You will find that haircuts and haircolors help you set your own intentions and redefine what self-expression means to you.

For the latest hair transformation, Aveda has partnered with two teams. Allure Contributors Devon Abelman and Jihan Forbes. They sat in salon chairs with Aveda artists Renee Gadar and Britt Dion, and a therapy session of sorts began.

As the artists worked versions of psychoanalysis with each cut and color strip, an emotional connection was created. Gadar and Dion carefully considered each woman’s hair texture, health and goals, and took into account Abelman and Forbes’ personal hair histories to achieve the best possible transformation.

With the help of Aveda Artists, Abelman and Forbes realized that understanding their hair over the years helped them understand themselves better. Truth be told, we grow over time just like our hair. This initiative respects just that.