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You must have heard that. Eight glasses of water a day keep eight types of diseases at bay.
Or about doctors and apples. The point is, the wonders of staying hydrated are well known. However, not enough is talked about infusing it with herbs and spices to give it extra nutritional value and savory flavor. Some opt for fenugreek (methi), carom (ajwain), and cumin (jeera) to aid in weight loss. For the morning drink, some lead for basil water (tulsi), known for its detoxifying properties. It turns out that soaking nuts and herbs not only makes them a lot more nutritious, but it can also turn a glass of water into a healthy beverage.

Cope with the heat
Ratnagiri-based Ayurveda practitioner Dr. Nikita Koli has the perfect antidote for people prone to burning urination, hyperacidity and fatigue. Dhanyak hima (coriander and barley-infused drink) is an easy-to-make drink made by crushing, mixing, and soaking coriander seeds and barley overnight. The infused water can then be drunk either in the morning or throughout the day to relieve burning and indigestion.

Another summer drink to promote the gut biome and heart health is parsley water. A potion rich in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as antioxidants, is known to uplift mood and calm the mind. “Put a handful of chopped parsley leaves in a pitcher of water and gently press down the leaves with a wooden spoon. Don’t crush them too much, as this can make the water bitter. Leave it on for 30 minutes before drinking to allow the nutrients to be properly absorbed,” advises Delhi-based nutritionist Divya Gandhi.

To reduce the heat element in the body, a seetha kashayama (cold infusion) is made with Indian Redwood, which works wonders. “Pathimugam is known for its ability to purify blood, treat ulcers, lower cholesterol and fight obesity. Just chop the bark of the tree into small pieces, boil it in water for less than five minutes and wait until it turns a light pink hue. After straining and cooling, you can enjoy this drink with your meals or any time of the day,” says Dr. Aiswarya Santhosh, an Ayurvedic practitioner from Thrissur.

one for women
A solution to relieving PMS symptoms and hormonal imbalance lies in the kitchen cupboard. Saffron water not only gives the skin a natural glow, but also treats menstrual pain and cramps. “Soak two to three strands of saffron (kesar) and a few raisins in water overnight and drink on an empty stomach or throughout the day to relieve menstrual pain. Start consuming this water seven days before the menstrual cycle. It also moisturizes and clears the skin,” says Gandhi. A quick fix that never fails when a common ailment or recurring illness strikes is to simply soak some nuts or herbs in water overnight. you go crazy

Reduces swelling, improves blood circulation

Tightens pores, reduces wrinkles

Stimulates metabolism, suppresses hunger