Hell Pizza Encourages You To Try The Vegetarian Twist With Intriguing To-Ete-O Sauce Kiwi Plate

In Hell’s latest campaign, the pizza chain took the classic Kiwi beef and cheese pie and turned it into pizza. Twisting? This is vegetarian. It’s made from Fable’s notorious plant-based steak, as well as traditional gravy, cheddar, mozzarella, and flaky dough. So how do you start a steak and cheese pie pizza with no steak at all?

If there’s one thing every pie needs, it’s gravy.

That’s why Special Wellington – in conjunction with Special PR – supported the launch of the new meatless pie pizza by creating the perfect seasoning. ‘To-meat-o Sauce’ is a tomato sauce made with blood.

So wrong but, clearly, so right. Kiwi succumbs to curiosity, while the new pizza and bloodbath sauce sold out in just three weeks. But it was something like Trojan sauce, as each bag contained only 0.5ml of blood (less than a slice of sausage). Despite this, 70% of Kiwis who wanted to try pizza were actually meat eaters. After trying the vegetarian steak and cheese pizza, 30% said they would swap meat for plant-based options in the future.

It’s no surprise that so many people are keen to try “Meat Sauce” – the campaign has garnered more than 2.4 million interactions, meaning almost half of New Zealand’s population.

“Since hell got all the animals out of the pie, we decided to put them all in the gravy. We Kiwis are curious people, so we were not surprised that the pizzas were sold out in just three weeks. Some might even call us bloodthirsty!” said Private Wellington ECD Mark Forgan.

The new sauce was served in a blood bag and included beef and deer blood and “maybe some sheep? To be honest, we forgot what went into the blender.”

According to Hell Pizza marketing manager Siang Tay, Hell was never afraid to “stir the pot,” and Special was the perfect accomplice.

“It was Special’s very good idea to prevent any of our carnivorous friends from sticking their noses out of their knuckles at the thought of plant-based steak.”

In a full circle moment for Special Wellington ECD Mark Forgan, one of the brand’s first delivery drivers 25 years ago, “Hell Pizza is still the best job I’ve ever had – it was so nice to be back in the driver’s seat. With this campaign.”

The “So wrong, but so right” campaign launched on OOH, radio and social media in November 2022, promoting the new Steak & Cheese Pie Pizza and accompanying “To-meat-o Sauce”.