Hawaii’s Bad Ass Coffee is in expansion mode with a healthy pipeline

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii has locations in Florida and beyond.

A coffee franchise known for providing premium Hawaiian coffee and themed coffee shops,In 2022, he signed 45 franchise agreements and opened eight new stores.

In October, Bad Ass Coffee signed the largest deal in its history, a 20-unit contractMarquee Coffee will open 20 locations along Florida’s Gulf Coast. The deal followed an earlier agreement to contract for five locations in the Tampa/Clearwater area.

In 2023, the company plans to grow efforts in designated markets in the Southeast, Southwest and Coastal areas, in addition to reestablishing a store presence in Hawaii. With a strong pipeline, the brand plans to open 20 to 30 new stores by the end of the year. Bad Ass Coffee has set an overall goal of opening 150 new locations over the next four years.

Bad Ass says it also achieved high performance ratings with a 76% increase in average unit volume compared to pre-2019 COVID-19. Key to its strong performance has been strategic systemic investments and enhancements to strengthen the brand’s overall infrastructure and support, the company said.

Significant achievements in 2022 range from digital innovations, strategic development plans, new hires and menu announcements, including:

  • The debut of new store prototypes that sparked rapid growth as stores prepare to open more quickly, efficiently and successfully;
  • Implementation of a single POS platform in the system to improve operations and enhance the guest experience;
  • Implementation of the company’s first loyalty program and online/mobile ordering system;
  • Introducing a new comprehensive online learning platform for franchisors to streamline communication and training; and:
  • The launch of a seasonal menu and a significant five-year menu innovation project to provide a comprehensive future roadmap for both food and beverage offerings that are trendy and inspired by Hawaii.

“We are very proud of the milestones achieved in 2022 and the positive impact they have had on our franchisees’ businesses,” said Scott Snyder, CEO of Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii. “With our continued and aggressive drive to create a best-in-class national coffee franchising opportunity with strong infrastructure, technology and innovation, as well as a preferred menu, Hawaii Bad Ass Coffee is poised for greater strides in 2023.”

According to Bad Ass Coffee’s 2022 FDD, the top 25% of stores had average net sales of more than $1.2 million. Over the past few years, the management has been building a strong infrastructure and telling the brand story and growing the brand footprint through a comprehensive sales strategy.

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii was born on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1989 and currently operates over 25 locations with additional stores in various stages of development. In addition to drinks and food, the shops sell various branded products.

The Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii brand and franchise is owned by Royal Aloha Franchise Company.