Have a Merry Christmas!


As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, cities start to feel a little more festive and get into the Christmas spirit. This year, Hatch is no exception, transforming itself into a winter wonderland and ready to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

With a range of festive workshops and seasonal gifts from independent retailers, Hatch delivers the ultimate night out for you and your friends to kick off the party in style.

Hatch’s beautiful Festive Village is decked out in lights, Christmas trees, and ornaments as if it were decorated by Santa Claus. And to get you really into the festive spirit, there will be a Christmas choir every Sunday throughout December performing Christmas carols with a twist.

Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion
Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

As part of Hatch’s Festive Workshop, we joined Last Ember for a candle making workshop where we created our own scented candles. We chose the Ude and Ginger scents but there were scents ranging from Rose to Sandalwood. With two in December, the workshop is perfect as a gift or a night event, read them here on the Last Ember website.

The first retailer to put a stamp on its menu was Kong’s with its Turkey Turkey. This pimped-up Boxing Day sandwich with pulled turkey leg, herby stuffing, brie, and cranberry aioli on toasted, sweet sourdough is the ultimate taste of Christmas.

Bondi Bowls Winter Earth Bowl and the Congress Turkey Toastie Pulled – Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

It doesn’t stop there for meat lovers, Kong’s offers a mammoth pork in a blanket burger with a 6oz pork patty, pulled turkey, crispy bacon, crushed maple sprouts, baconnaise and stuffing. With all the trimmings, there is no excuse not to remove it directly from the hatch!

the Congress pig in a blanket burger – Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

Next Bondi Bowls put a festival on their menu, offering the Winter Earth Bowl. With a variety of herbs, kale, shaved parsnips, carrots, and peas, this dish brought a lot of variety and color to the plate. However, this is lighter than your usual standard dish, so it’s probably the perfect accompaniment to something heavier on carbs.

Grandads Sausage followed, pulling out all the stops with their stocked fridge and really embracing the real Christmas treat. Messy fries piled high with toppings, chunks of sweet meat, cranberry sauce, chipolatas, and lots of gravy are sure to get your New Year’s belt off.


Parmaggedon also has fun, combining their classic Buttermilk Chicken Parmo with another undisputed classic – pigs in a blanket. With the deep fried filling, this makes for a great feast. Despite the chicken eyes, this dish does not seem to have any annoying elements.

Parmaggedon’s Chicken Parmo – Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

This was followed by the bomb Cheeky Tikka Chaat. Sweet and fragrant, these chaat bombs are a taste sensation, when eaten the right way… With chickpeas as a base, drizzled with a thin molasses sauce and topped with fresh pomegranate, these bombs will definitely keep you coming back for more. . Although the usual ingredient seems to be missing: raita. It’s a refreshing palette cleanser from the usual stodginess that surrounds the festive season.

Bomb Cheeky Tikka Chaat – Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

Last, but not least, is the T’arricrri Christmas Cannelloni. With its silky smooth pistachio cream and crunchy exterior, this is a great alternative to a British Christmas classic – the brandy snap. Vegan and made with Italian panettone, it’s the perfect dessert to end the night while snuggling under a blanket by the tree.

The T’arricrri Christmas Cannelloni – Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

Festive specials include Herbivorous’ herb-based Christmas turkey and stuffing burger, and Block Steak Shop’s pan-fried camembert with spicy tomato sauce.

To invite them all, as expected, the festival is also in full flow. Mulled wine is a Christmas staple, warming the heart and hands and this one did not disappoint. Spicy and fragrant, it’s good to remove the chill and sides when the temperature drops.

If you like something stronger, the cocktail was undoubtedly the highlight of the night. Clementine Cosmo is a blend of Absolut Vodka, clementine liqueur, lime and cranberry, a lovely balance between sweet and tart. My personal favorite, The Jolly Gingerbread, is a sweet, Baileys, gingerbread heaven served with whipped cream, cinnamon, and a little gingerbread man… the ultimate nightcap.

Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

All independenceA ndent retailer Christmas special is available throughout November and December with the Festive Village open until Friday 23rd December.

The Hatch is open seven days a week from 12pm, reserve a table at!