Has Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Shortage Put You Down? Try These 9 TikTok Mimics Recipes

Say it’s not: When announcing that Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is finally back Jumping with joy, the chain is reportedly taking it off the menu again due to shortages.

The cult-classic Mexican Pizza was first taken off the menu in 2020, causing fans to go absolutely crazy (including us).

Fast forward to 2021 and Taco Bell teamed up with Doja Cat to announce that Mexican Pizza will be back forever – the rapper said, “By the way, I’ve brought back Mexican Pizza!” she shouts. She’s at Coachella this year (she even did freestyle for that matter).


Everything was finally looking good again, Mexican Pizza officially back on the menu in May 2022.

However, it seems like something good won’t last forever.

Taco Bell has announced that demand for Mexican Pizza has increased seven times more than when it was last offered, causing shortages just two weeks after its relaunch.

Few stores continue to offer this, so while you may find us wiping a few tears, we take action and make delicious DIY Mexican Pizzas at home.

We’ve rounded up the nine best Mexican Pizza copycat recipes on TikTok right now so we can all make our dreams come true. In the meantime, we will continue to sing the words of Doja Cat’s epic Mexican Pizza freestyle: “Yes, I eat, I eat, I eat, I like my fried bean pizza.”

1. If making your own Mexican Pizza copycat recipe seems like a lot of work or you just don’t want to pull out a skillet or turn on the oven, fret not! TikToker @feedmi has found the easiest way to make the recipe using just the air fryer. Genius!

2. Another pro when it comes to making your own Mexican Pizza? Changing the materials according to your needs. This “healthy version” combines a crunchy, homemade almond flour tortilla with beans, beef, cheese, and more.

3. Dare we say this Mexican Pizza looks even better than the original? Our mouths watered with this recipe that combines homemade toast with tons of melted cheese, beef with taco sauce, baked beans and enchilada sauce. A quick measure in the oven makes this cheesy perfection.

4. There is no perfect Mexican Pizza—okay, so we’re obsessed with it. Whoever thought of making a Birria Mexican Pizza deserves an award by stacking two tortillas with cheese, birria, feta, chips, and gravy. We’ll take five!

5. This TikToker explains that the copycat recipe is “much better” than the original, and we can believe it! It’s also super easy: fry your tortillas, top with refried beans, ground beef and cheese, and pop them in the oven for the mellowest, most comforting meal.

6. Another option to make your own version at home? I’m going keto. Low-carb tortillas are fried before adding refried beans, beef, cheddar and cotija cheese, enchilada sauce, and tons of vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and avocados. We found our new favorite dish.

7. This TikTok user dedicated his copycat recipe Doja Cat to himself and posted the video with the rapper’s Mexican Pizza jingle in the background. This recipe is relatively easy for instant tostadas, beef, beans, cheese, and tomatoes.

8. If you’ve always felt a bit left out by the Mexican Pizza craze because you’re vegan, you’ll love this. This recipe is the best vegan Mexican Pizza copycat recipe, baking oil-sprayed flour tortillas to make them crunchy and layering them with refried beans and vegan ground “beef”. Tomatoes and cheese make it perfect.

9. Mexican Pizza and “Amor Prohibido” by Selena – a better combination, we’ll wait. TikToker @labraerick shows you how to make a fresh, flavorful version at home by adding some onions and avocado to the main ingredient list and drizzling some sour cream on top. And yes, the song definitely won us over.

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