Has Brad Pitt launched the most expensive celebrity vegan skincare line ever?

Actor Brad Pitt announces Le Domaine. The new Genderless His Vegan His Skincare His line features Olive His oil and grape extracts from his own French vineyard, Chateau His Miraval.

Currently, four types have been confirmed: a cleanser, two creams, and a serum. The cheapest item in the range is the cleanser, at $80 (£70). His three other formulations cost more than $300 (£265) each. This could make it one of the most expensive celebrity-backed collections ever.

Motoflame seems to have at least partially influenced Pitt’s decision to launch a skincare line. trendhe said: “I love Gwyneth [Paltrow]finished [with Goop]She is still a really dear friend and has built this empire. ”

Pitt worked with an existing Perrin family business partner. The Southern Rhône Valley organic winegrower has previously worked with Actor on his successful rosé wine line.


What commands the high price tag?

Pitt and his development team used two expensive, patented active ingredients in the formula. Called GSM10 and ProGR3, both claim to provide advanced anti-aging capabilities for all skin types.

GSM10, which helps prevent collagen breakdown, is the result of 10 years of research into the efficacy of Grenache grape seeds and Syrah grape seeds and skins.ProGR3 was developed using chamomile, green tea, and botanical extracts. and has been shown to improve visible signs of aging.

Also, the local approach to material selection is driving up prices. All components are listed as having “100% traceable origin” and are 96-99% derived from natural sources.

The combination of these ingredients has resulted in a non-certified vegan skin care range. Ruthless status is not specified. However, in 2009 he was banned across the EU, so animal testing of cosmetics is banned in France.

Take advantage of sustainable trends

In addition to jumping on hot celebrity vegan beauty trends, Pitt’s brand aims to earn the eco-trust with its conscious packaging choices.

All products are refillable and come with glass containers and oak caps. Wood is sourced from remaining wine barrels. Plastic is kept to a minimum, but features a refill container. If desired, all plastics are said to be post-consumer recycled materials and can be recycled at a later time.

Prioritizing sustainable packaging, Stella McCartney also recently launched its own skincare line. Our entire certified vegan and cruelty-free portfolio is designed to minimize our emissions and is audited by independent sustainability consultants prior to going public.

McCartney’s line is at the high end of the price range, but still small compared to Pitt. The most expensive product in the “STELLA” range is $140, less than half of most Pitt products.

take the kardashian crown

Prior to Pitt’s expensive launch, Kim Kardashian was slammed for the pricing of her own vegan skincare line. It has been accused of being overpriced for its status.

“This product doesn’t look like anything else groundbreaking or novel. There are much more affordable products on the market with very similar formulas,” accredited Dermatologist Dr. Azadeh Siraj said: United States of America today.

Kardashian has also been criticized for claiming her skin care is very sustainable.

Find out more about Le Domaine and its products here.