Hardcore students to attend biscuit shop opening – Appalachian

Ashton Woodruff

Vicious Biscuit, located at 702 Blowing Rock Road, hosted its official opening on January 23, 2023.

Monday morning brought a day of wind and snow to Bonn, but the weather didn’t stop the buzz around town as breakfast fanatics anticipated the opening of Vicious Biscuit, open Monday-Friday 7am-3pm and Saturday-Sunday 8am-3pm. Where iHop was at 702 Blowing Rock Road, official opening at 7 am on Monday. Before the official opening was a nice opening hosted by family and friends on January 22nd.

“They got on with a lot of people very quickly and honestly. We got a free penny, so props to them for giving them a penny,” said senior biologist Mitchell Vermilia.

While Vicious Biscuit promised its first 100 visitors free, it quickly changed to 150 when people showed up earlier than expected. that Real Instagram The post the morning of the event showed a line circling the building.

“There were people lining up, like blankets, all around them, all the way. It was crazy,” said Amaya Barbier, a sophomore in business administration.

Barbier is one of many App State students now working at the restaurant. Many companies and the training team also attended to compensate for the high turnout.

company press release identified Vicious Biscuit as one of the “hottest fast casual breakfast concepts in the Southeast with oversized, decadent biscuit creations and iconic Southern hospitality”. Restaurant goers like Anna Moneyham, a middle school education major, cite warm hospitality, a great atmosphere, and good food as reasons they want to return.

Among the most popular orders was the Fatboy dish, a dish many chose on the morning of the event. The dish includes spicy fried chicken and a biscuit sandwich stuffed with pimento cheese and drizzled with hot sauce.

Vicious Biscuit’s Fat Boy is a popular order, which is a cheese-filled biscuit topped with hot sauce with spicy fried chicken and pimento cheese in between.
(Ashton Woodruff)

The Charleston-based company boasts four other locations, two of which are in college towns in North Carolina. Chief Operating Officer Michael Ball identified college towns as one of the target locations for the franchise because they are “the best way to get national marketing,” noting that businesses in these areas “are held in a lot of esteem.”

“Bonn isn’t the quiet little town it was 20 years ago. It rocks all year round. So it was kind of a no-brainer for us and this great spot came along,” Paul said.

Vicious Biscuit’s fast-casual serving style is inspired by McAlister’s Deli, a ball chain he played a role in establishing prior to his time with Vicious Biscuit. Boone is their largest site to date.