GrillGrates Review 2022: My New Favorite Grilling Accessory

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I love living in Brooklyn, but thanks to my awkwardly small apartment and lack of outdoor space, I don’t get to grill very often. But since I’ve been living with my folks in the suburbs for a few weeks, I’m taking the opportunity to iron as much meat as I can before it gets too chilly. Unfortunately, her old gas grill has seen better days — the pilot is gone, one of the burners is stained, and the grates are more charred food than metal. Since the thought of trying to scrape the grates pristine was daunting (to say the least), I figured I’d just see if I could snag a replacement grate off the internet. While I haven’t found an exact replacement for my parents’ model, I did did finding was much, much better: GrillGrates.

GrillGrates are exactly what they sound like: grates for your grill. However they are actually so much more than that. You can shop a la carte on their website or look up your exact grill model to either find a replacement for your factory grates or models that simply sit on top of your existing grates. I chose the one that sits on your grill as that seemed like the path of least resistance.

I have to say, after cracking open a couple of GrillGrates plates, my parents’ old grill was instantly transformed into a pro-level cooking tool. I’ve tested them a few times with burgers and grilled chicken, but since I’m no grill expert, I thought I’d consult the kind of person we all know as a grill master: a dad. My dad in particular, who isn’t always the first to jump on a fancy new cooking appliance (he likes what he likes – can’t blame him). However, he absolutely fell in love with GrillGrates for three specific reasons. For starters, these things cook meat quickly, making them perfect for weeknight dinners and bulk meal prep as they reduce cooking time. They are also removable and easy to clean, which is especially important when grilling. (Just think: Would you like to lick your current cooking grates? You didn’t think so.) Finally, the grill marks these suction cups create are second to none. Although I know steakhouse style grill marks are not great important when it comes to good tasting food, man, do they look Well – and taking care of your presentation is a great way to keep you busy and have fun in the kitchen. (Even if it’s just you, a steak, and late-night infomercials on a Monday.)


The best part? If you don’t have your own grill, you won’t miss out either. GrillGrates are also available for indoor cooking, with air fryer and griddle models for easy grilling right in your kitchen. That way, even if your apartment is as small as mine (and I bet it’s not), you can still get that perfect char flavor that only a grill can provide. My dad and I aren’t the only ones who like GrillGrates either. “I am very pleased with how they turned out and how well they grilled!” wrote one reviewer. “Like I said, this isn’t my first set of GrillGrates and it certainly won’t be my last. I LOVE HER!”

My advice? If you’re looking for a grill that’s affordable, easy to clean and will take your meals to the next level, skip the fancy new spatula and kiss the cook apron and get a set of GrillGrates.