Great American Recipe gives us an episode dedicated to ‘Family’

The Great American Recipe has reached the semi-finals and that means it’s time to celebrate ‘Family’.

With only four chefs left in The Great American Recipe, there’s a lot at stake in this episode. Once again, we’ll see two different dishes from our home chefs. But both dishes are based on the idea of ​​friends and family.

In the first round, all dishes are inspired by a friend (even those friends who are basically our family). And since there are only four chefs left, we’re really looking forward to seeing what each brings to the table (literally) in this roundup of cooking.

The Great American Recipe faces two challenges centered around the theme of ‘family’

At number one in this roundup is Foo, who makes Thai Spicy Basil Stir Fry, inspired by a family friend who shares recipes. And yes, he puts his hand on the plate.


Then we have Sylvia. For a dish inspired by her friend, she’s making a chicken and macadamia-date salad sandwich. It’s actually a recipe she got from her husband’s cousin who became her friend. With this recipe, the two will stay close, even if they don’t see each other very often.

Our third cook is Dan, who makes stave cuahog (large clam shell) bread. This is the dish he learned to cook at a young age from a friend. It was one of the first dishes Dan learned.

Finally we have Reuben, who is whipping up the stuffed spinach squid. This is a dish she learned from a family that was “adopted” by her family when she was young. And over the years, she’s seen her friends make this dish many times. So it’s all about making her friends proud.

With four very different dishes for the judges to try, it should be interesting to see which dishes are favorites on the tour. And after some interesting comments from the judges, it turned out that the best dishes came from Silvia and Foo.

Now it’s time for our second round! This means that it is time for them to prepare some dishes inspired by their families.

In this case, it is the dishes that have stood the test of time. Think about the dishes you grew up with that you also adapted in your own way.

So what are our home cooks cooking this time around?

On this tour, Foo makes Vietnamese egg rolls (a recipe from his mother that she’ll use to thank the people who helped the family when they came to the States). At Silvia Station, she makes Pozole Verde (she does it the way her mother did, with green sauce and chicken). Dan’s recipe is his great-grandmother’s calzone. (It’s a recipe he can trace all the way back to Italy and his great-grandmother.) Finally, we have Reuben, who makes stuffed turkey. Specifically, her dish is stuffing turkey with sage and chestnuts.

Again, these are some great recipes. And it certainly looks like this will end up being a tough choice for the judges. Because at the end of the day, only three chefs can make it to the final.

So which chefs were on top of this roundup? That would be Fu and Sylvia! So which dish was the most successful? This honor went to Silvia and her Pozzol.

That means it’s between Dan and Robin as to who’s going to come home unfortunately. In the end, the one who came home on this tour was Dan.