Glens Falls Bagels accepts delivery and knives


GLENS FALLS, NY (NEWS10) – In early November, Kerry Smith opened up shop on South Street, baking fresh daisies daily and trying to start a new Glens Falls staple. A couple of months later, Glens Falls Bagels is still in business, but it has gained the same loyal fan base that it has always loved.

During Monday’s heavy snow, Glens Falls Bagels saw a flood of delivery orders from locals hoping to get fresh produce to warm them up on a snow day. Morgan & Co. When restaurant owners ordered bagels through DoorDash, the delivery person never showed up — and Smith stepped in to make sure everything was where it needed to be.

“I was in the right place at the right time,” Smith said. “It would be Philly (one of Glens Falls Bagels’ recent hires), but we’re busy in the kitchen. I knew it would hurt not to get those bagels, so I got them out of there.”

Glens Falls Bagels had a complicated relationship at birth. The shop is located next door to the former home of Irish Pizza, on a block of South Street that doesn’t have many other operating businesses, and many people don’t know it was there.

DoorDash helped put the store on the map for Glens Falls residents, but over time, the service’s fees didn’t keep pace with the fledgling bagels. The store isn’t moving bagels at high speed yet to get a 30% bump on orders.

Now, Smith has called DoorDash back, and store staff are ready to deliver the order if needed. It’s been a tough transition and it feels like fewer people are ordering, but that’s part of the process.

“It’s all a transition. Was I where I thought I was within the first 60 days of opening? A few days. Other days are slower, it just comes with the territory.”

The good news is that Smith has employees—a step up from the one-man operation he started. On Tuesday, a second pair of hands worked to make breakfast sandwiches for a walk-in customer while a third hand hung nearby. When her child is not at school, she clocks in as much as she can. In the future, Smith hopes to hire someone to handle deliveries — if demand is strong enough.

Just like the customers, the Glens Falls Bagels menu is slowly growing. Bagels come in a bag or on toast with cream cheese – now there are deli meats and cheeses from Boar’s Head. Eggs have been hit hard by the recent bird flu outbreak, but breakfast sandwiches have been hot.

Smith has ambitions for pizza bagels and sandwiches, and on Tuesday, he had another one to boast about. For the first time in recent memory, Glens Falls Ecosystem’s fresh-baked bagels are bringing knives into the conversation. Imported from New York City, Smith bakes each batch to golden-brown perfection.

“The sticks really bring my childhood feeling to this area,” Smith said. “You can always put cheese in the middle and go to the local shop – that’s what I used to do as a kid.”

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Fresh bagels at Glens Falls Bagels in Glens Falls, NY

In the future, Smith plans to add pasta plates to the menu, along with a specialty line of cannabis-infused bagels that he’s been working on for some time. The menu is on an ever-growing chalkboard wall, which he hopes will be full of options by summer.

Already growing

A look inside the former bar, now home to Glens Falls Bagels, reveals a lot of changes in just a few months. The bar counter now has a box of bagels, air containers filled with fresh coffee, and often trays of fresh bagels. The kitchen is in a small corner of the space, but a recently cut window allows for more views and lively conversation into the store.

The 46-76 South St. building that housed Glens Falls Bagels recently came under new ownership. Smith is told that the new owner may be interested in using the bagel shop’s current home as a bar. If this happens, the store can move in two directions at once. Smith plans to use the former taxi office at the corner of South and Elm as a new store for his business and convert the former home of Irish Pizza on the other side of the building into a much larger kitchen than it is now.

“At first, we’re going to wholesale to everyone within a 25-mile radius,” Smith said. “Every Thursday night we start collecting money to buy a new oven. There will be a lot.”

Glens Falls Bagels can be found on Facebook, where the business posts information about specials and current hours.


When it comes to our family pet are we doing as much as we can about the most recent spotlight on the pet food and health issues of our beloved animals? Maybe we should take a closer look at how we, as custodians of our pets, need to take new issue with the dangers that come with the commercial preparation of our pet’s food.

We as a society are greatly concerned about the safety of the food we eat. We all like to think we are doing the best for our family, so we check out all the ingredient labels, thoroughly read all the warning labels, and teach ourselves how to read and understand the nutrition charts. Our families are, without a doubt, healthier and happier for it. We are good custodians of our family.

But what about the other family members that do not eat from our tables, but can only sit under and beg for some scraps or wait for the pity droppings or carelessness of young fingers? Do you know and understand what they are being fed in processed commercial pet foods? Do you know what their nutrition needs are? If we tell others our pets are like members of our family, can we, in good conscience, say we are doing the best when it comes to the healthy nutrition of our pets?

In most cases the answer to this is no. Unless we take the advice of our veterinarian to heart and learn as much about animal nutrition as we learn about the human dietary needs, then we are not doing right by these trusting and loving creatures. The problem is that can they never tell you if there is a problem. You have to know your pet well enough and pay enough attention to their daily activities and problematic symptoms to know when something is amiss. One of the most recent problems with pet health comes in the form of commercial pet foods that are not good for your pets. It has been discovered that some of the bagged, boxed, and canned foods we feed our animals may be slowly killing them. And it is not a very peaceful death.

The pet food companies list the ingredients that they themselves put into the pet food. But the basic ingredients that are put into the pet foods are obtained from elsewhere, and they do not have to list what these scraps, renderings, and leftover bits and pieces have for ingredients. As long as their basic governmental guidelines are followed, they can put into the finishing product whatever base they obtain. If you consider the amount of hormones, antibiotics, and other drugs injected into the chickens, pigs, and cattle (among other components) it becomes clear that your pet is ingesting many more things than is natural for the species. The buildup of these ingredients, especially long-term, can be devastating to your pet.

As one example, most all dry pet foods contain the preservative, EQ (ethoxyquin). It is one of the most powerful of all preservatives and also the most toxic. Long term effects can be spleen, liver, and stomach cancers, immune deficiency disorders, and because of the many other illnesses it can cause, one of the most critical signs you should watch out for is a major behavior change. If your passive dog suddenly becomes aggressive for no identifiable reason, you should check the pet food, then check with the veterinarian about your pet food and health issues. It is such a potent preservative that factory workers who regularly work with the chemical have shown the same symptoms and health problems that have been proven to be caused by Agent Orange. Can we afford to take such a chance with the pets we love so dearly?

The bottom line is, you need to learn all you can about the problems with commercial pet foods. You need to establish with your veterinarian a clear plan to follow to keep you own family pet happy and healthy. Pets need more than daily exercise, love, and a pat on the head. They need a champion that will take care of them and their pet food and health issues. That’s what you’re there for. Please be a good guardian to those who cannot do it on their own.

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