Get out of your comfort zone with these creative experiences

Flexing your creative muscles is a sure way to get out of your comfort zone and have fun while doing it. Creativity looks different for everyone and the key is to find what makes your heart sing. To help you discover your inner Picasso, we’ve partnered with Set For Life. Everyone is about living their best life possible, and that means having the ability to express their creative style. Here are six creative experiences to look for this year.

Paint, sculpt or sew happily

Enrolling in an art class doesn’t strictly mean throwing paint on a canvas. The options are endless with an outlet for everyone and every environment. Learn how to throw clay on a potter’s wheel, sew the dress of your dreams, or celebrate the human form with drawings from life. Courses vary in length from one-off, no-obligation workshops to year-long programs. Classes can also make great experience-based gifts for loved ones. Think: an ax-making class for your partner or a wreath-making workshop for your sister. How considerate of you.

Find your place in the spotlight

Get on stage and sign up for acting, improv, or stand-up classes. It’s an opportunity to unleash your inner star in a fun and creative environment. The best part? You’ll connect with like-minded and supportive people who are sure to become your hype personas. Once you’ve gotten over your stage nerves, challenge yourself to audition for a play or break a leg at an open mic night. We can’t wait to see your star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Be the best word nerd

Do you love nothing more than the written word? There are a variety of creative experiences with your name written all over it. Enroll in a creative writing course and start writing a novel, memoir, short story, or screenplay. Take your words to the microphone and challenge a night of live poetry. Alternatively, get tactile with words and sign up for a letterpress, bookbinding or papermaking workshop. Mm-mm, is there anything better than the smell of paper?

cook up a storm

If you’re happiest in the kitchen, try a cooking class. There are workshops for novice home cooks that teach basics like menu planning, knife skills, and a 101 in “at what temperature and how long?” Alternatively, go super niche and hone the likes of cheese making, cake decorating, or the art of bread making. Save yourself shelling out for a plane ticket and learn the ins and outs of your favorite cuisine. Italian, Mexican, Indian… whatever your favourite, there will surely be a course dedicated to it.

Become a music master

Recover from the trauma of those piano lessons your parents forced you to do with a little exposure therapy and *actually* enjoy it this time. It’s never too late to learn an instrument with classes for all ages and stages. Play the ukulele, hit the drums, or do like Lizzo and learn to play the flute. Delve into the world of music in other ways and harmonize in a choir, learn to turn decks, or even volunteer at your local community radio station. Next stop, Coachella!

Get Groovin’

Whether you have the coordination of a baby giraffe or are a longtime dancer, there are many ways to move your body. Go to your local dance studio and find a style that makes you dance. From hip hop to ballet and everything in between, the world is your dance floor. Pole and twerking classes are having their moment: they’re a fun and powerful way to shake up what your mom gave you. Look for other ways to get your hips moving, like roller discotheques, silent parties, and even morning raves held at dawn.

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