Garden to Table: Garden City’s food culture satisfies all appetites


Garden City Center also has a few exciting eateries along the way. The first is Sweetgreen, a hugely popular chain that serves delectable and customizable salads.

This has been a top request from our customers for a long time and we are delighted to be able to provide GCC with a fast, casual and healthy dining experience!” says Faith Lockhart, Marketing Manager of Garden City.

coffeeology. Thanks to Garden City Center


The other is Kaffeology, a local coffee-meets-mixology (hence the name) franchise in Newport County that is known for its over-the-top milkshakes, trendy aesthetics and support of women-owned businesses. The original concept came to owner Andreea Marin — who was born in Romania but grew up in Rhode Island — during a, well, stormy time in her life.

“I had moved to Orlando, Florida for a while and had plans to open a coffee shop there, but then Hurricane Irma hit and I was evacuated home,” she says. “While I was here I finally found the place for my first store [in Newport] – it was originally a subway. I printed out my business plan at a Staples, sat down with the landlord, and he said, “When you’re ready. I think this would be great.’”

She returned to Florida to get her things and was back in the Ocean State just two months later, ready to go. The first Kaffeology debuted in 2018 to much applause from locals and by 2020 a second open location had opened its doors in Portsmouth. The new Garden City Center location, which aims to launch in early 2023, is just the latest in a series of plans to expand Kaffeology’s reach.

The new Kaffeology also introduces a new concept to the franchise, serving as a café during the day and turning into a tapas bar at night.

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coffeeology. Thanks to Garden City Center

“Everything is also made from scratch. We have freshly baked pastries, breakfast sandwiches with freshly cracked eggs… even our coffee syrups are made in house. We also have colored soufflé pancakes, which are going to be really cute,” says Marin. “And the menu will be seasonal, so we’ll have some staples, but a lot of it will rotate. But of course we will always have our over-the-top milkshakes.

For the nightly menu, Marin provides samples of mini appetizers such as pizzettas and charcuterie plates, as well as creative cocktails and local beer and wine offerings.

However, like the other locations, the new location will also sell products from women-owned companies, both locally and nationally.

“So whether you come to our store to buy a sandwich, coffee or plain water, or you buy one of these wonderful store items, your money goes towards helping a woman’s dream. Our whole purpose and mission is to support women around the world,” she says.

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coffeeology. Courtesy of Garden City Center.

If you’re looking forward to supporting this woman-run company and enjoying the fruits of her labors, Garden City Center’s grand opening is scheduled for spring next year and will feature live music, giveaways, samples and more. to be seen. Follow them on Instagram for sneak peeks.

Meanwhile, Garden City Center clearly still has plenty of spots to whet your appetite! Visit the Center’s Food and Drink Directory for the full list and follow for more exciting announcements coming soon to Garden City Center’s Instagram.