Game day specials for the Eagles Watching Party


Just like the rest of us, Philly bakeries, restaurants, and bars are all in Eagles playoffs.

Cookie Eagles by Madison K in Northern Liberties / Photo Courtesy of Madison K

When the Eagles are in the playoffs, we suddenly want to absorb green things that should never be green. What may sound totally unappetizing and disturbing deserves a moment of emerald color. Namely, green beer and green sausage.

Just like the rest of us, Philly bakeries, restaurants, and bars are all in Eagles playoffs. So if you’re looking for a way to rock your clock party or just celebrate with some sweets dyed green, consider these specials.

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Madison K Cookies


Image courtesy of Madison K.

Best award winning cookie artist Philly Madison K has cupcakes, cookies, cookie cakes and sweet trays with different designs related to eagles. Whether you’re looking for jersey-topped donuts or helmet-shaped donuts, head to the Northern Liberties store on game day to buy your goodies. You can also place a pre-order on their website if you’ve got your heart set on something specific. 800 North 2nd Street, North Liberties.

Carlino Market

Eagles food offerings from Carlino’s include tomato pie, cupcakes, and snacks / Photo from Carlino’s Market

This Main Line Italian market favorite offers tomato pies, donuts, cakes inspired by Eagles, and more. They’re all available to go to at their Ardmore and West Chester locations, and you can also order all of your game day essentials online. 2616 East County Lane Road, Ardmore; 128 West Market Street, West Chester.

Esgro pastry

Eagles food breaks treats

Eagles Cakes / Image Courtesy of Isgro’s

Eagles Cakes, Eagles Cakes, Eagles Cannoli. The popular Isgro’s restaurant in South Philly has everything imaginable in vultures. They will have treats in store and recommend that you call ahead to make sure you get what you want. But while it’s a good idea to plan ahead, don’t complete it; Isgro’s cannoli fills day-of so it doesn’t get soggy. If you’d rather be an early bird, go for the cannoli chip and dip platter (with dip dyed green, of course). 1009 Christian Street, South Philly.

evil genius

Eagles Food Beer Playoffs

Beers to celebrate the Eagles’ playoffs at Evil Genius / Photo Courtesy of Evil Genius Beer Co.

Evil Genius Beer Co. is giving fans two ways to celebrate: The debut of an “Orange IPA” dubbed Playoffs!?! Playoffs!?! It’s available for about $12 in a six-pack across the region (including Giant Supermarkets), while Fly Like an Eagle is available exclusively at Evil Genius’s Fishtown taproom. The latter is available in two flavors—mango and blueberry—and is brewed with vanilla and lactose as well as over 100 pounds of fresh mango puree and over 15 gallons of blueberry slushy syrup, respectively. It’s also available in a four-pack for $18 at taproom only. 1727 Front Street, Fishtown; Six packs in different locations.

Franklin Fountain

Franklin Fountain’s Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Cake is a festive green and topped with a soccer ball of ice cream. Between the layers of ice cream are homemade fudge and gluten-free chocolate crumbles. The cake costs $40 and will serve five to six people. Order in advance and collect in store. 116 Market Street, Old Town.

Federal Donuts

Donut Eagles Food

“The Iggle” from Federal Donuts

Head to all Federal Donuts locations Saturday and Sunday this weekend for the return of “The Iggle.” This “fancy” is a classic spice brownie donut with a bright green and white chocolate coating and topped with green and silver sanding sugar. Snatch them until they sell. multiple places.

Cassia Bakery

Cacia Green Rolls, Before and After / Photos from Cacia Bakery

When this South Philly bakery introduced this green-dyed wrap of Dietz & Watson’s viral bird dogs (more on those later), interest and demand were higher than expected. So they decided to make them for everyone, and now they’re here for you in case you’d rather stuff your rolls with something besides a hot dog. It also features round green scrolls. 1526 West Rittner Street, South Philly.

Dietz and Watson Bird Dogs

Eagles food

Dietz & Watson’s Bird Dog, with Cacia Bakery’s Green Roll / Photo Courtesy of Dietz & Watson

“Bird Dogs” are eagle-style hot dogs served in green buns and topped with a long hot dog, provolone, and fried onions. You can follow their schedule online or on Instagram for more impromptu visits from the truck. (Which looks a bit like a hot dog fairy on wheels.) Here’s the scoop: On Thursday, January 26, you can catch them at the Rittenhouse Square Rally from noon to 3 p.m., then South Square Market (2221 South Street) from 4 to 6 p.m. They’ll also be roaming the stadium grounds on Sundays from noon to 3 p.m. for all the hungry runners. multiple places; Follow on Instagram.

“Bird Dogs” truck / Photo by Laura Schwartz

McGillin’s Olde Ale House

Green Eagles Brewery at McGillin’s / Photo Courtesy of McGillin’s

If you’re looking to catch the game somewhere beside your couch, you could do worse than one of the oldest bars in Philly. To beat the Eagles, McGillin goes all out with green beer. (This is only the second time in 163 years that they’ve served green beer other than St. Patrick’s Day, they told us. The other time was 2018, and we all know how that went.) They will also have additional food and drink specials for the game, including an “Iggle-tini”.1310 Drury Street, Midtown Village.


Tinsel gets an Eagles-themed makeover / Photography by Cody Aldrich

Another place personally worth a visit: Tinsel Takes Flight. This Tinsel-themed iteration of the Eagles is drenched in green, with memorabilia, art installations, murals, photos galore, and themed drinks like “Swole Batman” and “Hurts So Good.” It’s open now, and it’ll continue for the rest of the season… however long that lasts. Keep in mind: this is probably best for a pre-game visit rather than a place to watch the game; While there are TVs there are no seats. 116 South 12th Street, Midtown Village.