Fundraising by Logan Needy : Deathless Food Truck


To our vegan friends: how many times have you gone out with friends and regretfully ordered the only vegan item on the menu only to be met with bland, mediocre, freezing food because no one cared to add any passion to their vegan options. .

To our non-vegan friends: how convinced are you that vegan food is all nuts, irrelevant, and disgusting?

Deathless is a vegan street food truck that brings fusion foods to the streets of Savannah, GA.

NO MORE uninteresting, bland, lifeless, crappy vegan food. Tired of going out and paying for frozen food. We take it back. We’re talking bold flavors, foods you’ve never eaten like this before, and anything done on purpose.


What does it mean?

Vegan: no animal products (meats, cheeses, dairy, even processed without animal products)

Fusion: food that combines elements of different cultural traditions, techniques and/or ingredients (kimchi + tacos)

Street Food: Street food isn’t necessarily the food you book. What the crowd is showing is usually the food outside, in the alley, off the sidewalk, in a car. Full of cultural expression and history (banh mi, tacos, arepas, gyros, elote, poutine)

For Deathless, that means fun, exciting and creative vegan food. Check out the sample menu by clicking this link: Sample Menu


“I was very impressed with this meal. Seriously, I didn’t know vegan food could be made this well. The spice was on point”

“Never experienced vegan food in such a unique way”


“As a non-vegan, after trying the food, I would choose this truck every day over most other food trucks.”

“You made being vegan delicious. It is deliciously beautiful. It’s the way to make being vegan cool.”



Although we are dreaming of starting our own project as soon as possible, the idea of ​​Deathless emerged in 2020. We were excited by the idea of ​​vegan street food and what it could be. We can showcase ingredients and dishes we love from around the world and be as crazy and creative as we feel driven.

Besides doing great things with the menu, we can use our food truck to truly make a difference in our community. We can partner with agencies and nonprofits that are doing well in the community, become overly focused on sustainability (more on that later) and meet physically in hopes of undoing some of the damage we have witnessed in the foodservice industry. by providing good meals to those around us, be a safe place to meet the needs of others as well as for the community to come together and feel loved.

Immortal embodies who we are, our experiences, and what we value. We combine our love of travel, the cultures we fall in love with, our culinary experiences and our lifestyle as vegans to deliver a truly amazing product. We want the brand to be honest and genuine, with no curtains, shortcuts or shady stuff. We really want to be true to who we are: old and real, approachable and welcoming, with a genuine attitude about what matters.


We are Logan and Gretchen in Need. We met in 2016 and got married six months later. Gretchen had just returned home in Portland, Oregon after traveling abroad for a year, and Logan was working for a nonprofit in Southeast Asia. Since then we have traveled all over Europe, lived on both coasts and had two children – Royal(pictured) and Jubilee. If you like travel and culture, skating, hip-hop, hardcore/punk, just hanging out or great vegan food – then you’re our person.

Since we started the business, the food service industry has been our second home. We’ve worked in: cafes, bistros, bars, tapas bars, fine restaurants, breakfast and brunch, coffee, pizza, sandwich shops – you name it. If it means doing what we love, being honest with ourselves, and participating in making a positive impact in our community, we’re crazy lifers who would die happy working in food service.

We’ve seen a lot of crap since we’ve been in the occasional catering business since 2008. The biggest pill for us to swallow is the amount of waste and rubbish often associated with restaurants, both large and small. We want to address this.

We seek the most sustainable ways to do what we do. Here is what we think:

Sourcing materials locally as much as possible in a sustainable and ethical way

Finding creative solutions to minimize waste

Recycle bins at Deathless anytime, both in the kitchen and on the street.

High quality, user friendly, recyclable/compostable/biodegradable containers, containers, etc. to ensure.

Cigarette Recycling Program via Terracycle (

Partnering with local nonprofits, agencies and organizations to help take a better look at Savannah (and surrounding areas) from an environmental perspective

Being transparent and open to feedback and innovations from our colleagues and community

We’re humbly and excitedly raising $60,000 via GoFundMe to launch a vegan food truck that brings fusion street food to Savannah, GA. The $60,000 from this campaign, along with our private investments and personal financing, includes a custom 20-foot food trailer equipped with brand new equipment, a pickup truck to tow the trailer, small goods, marketing and advertising, inspections, licensing and permits, etc. as well as taxes, credit card fees and GoFundMe fees for the project.

We’ve been dreaming about this for over a decade and it’s unrealistic that we’re presenting it to you today.

Whoever you are, we believe Deathless is for you. Whether you’re vegan and looking for more options, you’ve never eaten vegan food in your life or you’re just looking for something new and different – we’re sure you’ll leave frustrated. plants.

Thank you for being with us this far and for every encouraging word, gift and helping hand. We have a really sick community behind us; supporting and advancing us. Thanks for being here with us. We hope you stay with us and enjoy the journey. We’re ready for this journey and can’t wait to shove food in your face.

I love you