French Mustard Donuts bring a spicy start to the morning

The color yellow conveys positivity and happiness. Who hasn’t smiled with that swig of mustard on a batan or made a design on that hamburger. While mustard might be a favorite condiment, the bottle has more than just one use. For National Mustard Day, French Mustard Donuts are a spicy start to the day.

When there’s a national culinary celebration, many brands look to make a splash. Over the past few years, French’s has been pushing the flavor boundaries of this vibrant spice. From ice cream to last year’s mustard buns, the goal was to show its versatility.

This year, the brand is taking the conversation to breakfast. While some people might put ketchup on their eggs or smother those biscuits in gravy, mustard isn’t often on the table. With this special offer, it might be time to reconsider that statement.

This year, French’s partnered with Dough Donuts to create mustard donuts. This special National Mustard Day creation is one that could change your morning routine forever.


As Jill Pratt, Chief Marketing Officer, McCormick said, “We’re as committed as ever to showcasing new and exciting ways to enjoy this fan-favorite condiment, and we can’t wait to reinvent breakfast this year.” The special offer is definitely a wake-up call.

The special donut starts with a classic glaze. It’s then topped with “a layer of savory mustard and yellow mustard cake crumble.” That combination of a fluffy doughnut, a hint of tartness, and just the right amount of sweetness makes for a satisfying bite. While coffee and donuts might be a common pairing, the spicy notes of mustard might make it better paired with soda or even tea.

Before everyone runs away from this savory donut idea, it’s actually tasty. Just as a touch of salt brings out the sweetness, the mustard flavor works. As a special donut, it’s worth a try. People may not want a whole dozen, but they deserve a place on their plate.

For those looking to sample the French Mustard Donuts, they are available August 6 at Dough locations in New York City.

  • Flatiron (14 W 19th St.)
  • Brooklyn (646 Vanderbilt Ave.)
  • Astoria (21-70 31st St.)
  • Rockefeller Center (10 Rockefeller Center)
  • Urbanspace Vanderbilt (230 Park Ave.)
  • Smorgasburg (90 Kent Ave.)

And a few more will be available online. A box of two free donuts will be available on starting at 9 a.m. ET on August 6, National Mustard Day.

Want to try French Mustard Donuts? What other mustard creations do you think French’s will come up with?