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PHOTO SUPPLIED Pearl is at the start of her gourmet career, ready for a busy day at Milton Beer Fest.


Pearl appeared at this year’s LH JAMS Festival.

LOCK HAVEN — Relatively new to the scene, “Pearl” owners Heather Robb and Christie Hanna started their mobile business in April 2022 and have made a name for themselves with alternative dining options.

Known as both “Pearl ‘The Boutique’ Food Truck” and “Pearl ‘The Pour House’ on Wheels”, the business shows up at weddings as well as various Pennsylvania beer and wine festivals.

“So funny, he became a person of his own. It’s never ‘There’s Heather and Christie’, it’s always ‘There’s Pearl!’ said Robb. “We bought it before the pandemic and had it sit and wait for us. Pearl wasn’t even Pearl back then – we completely redesigned it.”

Pearl was the collaboration of two longtime friends – Robb and Hanna have been close friends since 10th grade. Both were eager to get started after the caravan was purchased and refurbished – they shared a passion for cooking and innovation.

“We’re both cunning,” said Robb. “We like to find things to do or do and call each other up with ideas.”

“We try to do something unique and innovative. We made homemade hummus, Asian wraps and creme brulee. Drinks too! We made special cocktails for a wedding; cucumber basil, lemon and lavender and harvest pears,” Hanna said.

Everything on the menu is made by hand, prepared the morning of the event and adapted to the occasion. They tailor their menus based on the weather, the season and “what sounds good”.

“Our grazing boxes are really popular—especially when we’re at wine festivals,” Hanna said.

Their “grazing boxes” are mobile deli boards filled with meats, cheeses, and desserts, as well as a selection of jams and other dips.

Part of the food truck’s appeal isn’t just the food, it’s the decor as well. The Pearl is decorated with plants, flowers and a chalkboard menu on the front. Pearl gets an additional illuminated ‘BAR’ sign as the Pour House.

“We decorate it according to the space. We have our own style, but if there’s a certain flower or head ornament a bride wants, we use it. It will be decked out for fall at our event at Oregon Hill Winery this weekend,” Hanna said.

“It doesn’t feel like work at all when we book. We’re laughing and having a good time,” said Robb. “Always a new experience.”

Hanna and Robb are looking forward to the events they have booked for this season and are actively planning for 2023 on their Facebook page.

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