Food: The best baos to taste in Paris


famous Gastronomy on a global levelParis is still a stage New culinary discoveries. And for a few years, it is La Folie du Pau Who took over the capital! And at the same time, those Chinese cakes Stuffed with meat, vegetables or seafood is a real treat for the taste buds. Follow us, we give you an overview of the best restaurants where you can taste good baz!

La Bao family

@bao. family

If we talk about Pau in Paris, it is impossible not to mention Bao family ! After the great success of small and big paw, two new titles signed by the group appeared in Paris. with blue paw et al Bao ExpressWe now have the whole family and therefore 4 enchanted addresses where to savor stuffed rolls!

The Bao family – 4 addresses in Paris

Pawpaw the panda


located in The third district of ParisThis small establishment offers a selection of… traditional baws With delicious toppings and homemade sauces. The pork dish is also a popular choice, with its tender meat and very soft outer casing. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options, such as a grilled vegetable dish. Necessary !

Panda Pawpaw – 16 Notre Dame Street, Nazareth 75003

Oh Bao


whether in The seventeenth or tenth arrondissementOh My Bao offers a variety of steamed bao dishes with delicious fillings. In vegetarian, pork or chicken versions, Chinese rolls have everything to make us melt with pleasure, just like mochi for dessert. We go there with our eyes closed!

Oh My Bao – 11, rue de Paradis, 75010 and 71, rue de Lévis, 75017



It is also found on the left bank or right bank A must for Bows fans. The buns here are steamed to perfection, with fresh and delicious toppings. the Tender beef bao A must try, for example, with the tender meat and sesame sauce. The restaurant also serves a variety of dim sum and noodles to complete your dining experience. In short, all the ingredients are there to make us have a great time!

Yoom – 5, rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006 and 20, rue des Martyrs, 75009

Little Baobei


A small twist in our selection, we’re talking about now Little Baobei ! This time, it’s not about stuffed bread but stuffed bread Bao Burger ! In chicken, fish, beef, and even matcha versions, these brioche buns pair perfectly with the other ingredients every time, for a dish that’s simply amazing! And since Little Baobei has addresses all over Paris, the Baobei burger will always be on hand!

Little Baobei – several addresses in Paris