Food Instagram Is Dead, Long Live Food TikTok




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Photograph: Alexander Vorobev (Shutterstock)

Instagram was a game changer in how people interacted with food. Suddenly, every user can become a food photographer; became (and still is) a common sight to catch Diners carefully place their phones over restaurant food before taking a bite to capture the perfect picture. Before long, restaurants felt the pressure to be Instagrammable, and many spots were opened, ostensibly with aesthetics in mind. And while there are still plenty of food posts dominating Instagram, many once featured influencers the platform is now losing hundreds of followers a day, eater reports. TikTok rises as the reigning social media platform effect, further changing the way the world interacts with food.

How is food TikTok different from food Instagram?

Platform relevance aside, the actual content Getting attention on TikTok couldn’t be more different. Instagram. Yes, there will always be inspiring, aesthetically pleasing, delicious posts.foraging or well-furnished restaurants. But a surprising number of popular foods TikTok pretty much lacks in appeal.


Inside a videouser @hoemgirl puts together Trader Joe’s Brie cheese, apricot jam and toast in her kitchen. There’s nothing particularly fancy about the kitchen in question; the person in the video is not wearing elaborate clothing or make-up; no trendy TikTok dances; and the food he prepares is not particularly photogenic. Still, this video has nearly 3 million views.

Posts with a category just mukbang have millions and millions of views. which videos people eat in large quantities various mass market food on camera. And moving further away from aesthetics, the videos have over 70 million views. disgusting food. For every useful cooking tip and nice Restaurant meal shared on TikTokthere seems to be being twice as likely as #foodfails, irritating revelations about what actually happens in some fast food meal or food difficulties that seem designed to cause nausea.

Challenges are another key differentiating factor between TikTok and Instagram: MAny person treats TikTok like a game, sometimes the goal is to find out if it’s a game. some foods that have been proven to give everyone diarrhea gives you diarrhea, and sometimes with risks as low as letting a Sweetgreen employee put together their favorite salad for you (this video got nearly 20 million views). And it seems that regardless of these hacks actually work or notImitation posts and comments keep coming.

How is TikTok affecting restaurants?

TikTok’s influence on businesses is strong. by survey released last fall by marketing firm MGH36% of TikTok users have visited or ordered food from a restaurant after seeing it on TikTok. Big brands are turning to TikTok to launch food campaigns and jump on trends. Certain fast food menus or grocery chains have pages and pages dedicated to trying foods and encouraging others to do the same. The free promotion given to restaurants is priceless.

Still, there are disadvantages for some businesses. Back-this-scene videos They uncovered some unpalatable practices from workers at fast food restaurants, such as how sparse food is. The trays at McDonald’s are cleaned and it’s like Taco Bell rehydrating their beans before putting them in the burritos.

Lately New York Post reported When restaurants start filling up with requests for free meals from “TikTok influencers”, at worst it costs restaurants valuable resources if the request is granted, and at best is a super annoying request to deal with constantly.

But more and more restaurants are finding ways to keep up with the trend, and those who haven’t yet may have to. Start. Food TikTok doesn’t seem to be loosening its grip on any of us nonetime is soon.