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Hyderabad: Sweets in the air, delicious flavors from food stalls, potato twisters spring-like in hands as kids run around with blue-pink cloud fluff of cotton candy. A perfect way to spend the weekend at the coolest carnival ever, Zomaland. The city’s two-day food carnival had brought all the people of Hyderabad together to do what they love most, to eat, sing their hearts out and enjoy the musical night. Various food outlets have been set up all over the plaza, such as Haiku, Shoyu, Pista House, The Maras Turkish Ice-Cream, Skippi Ice Pops, Kaati Rolls, La Pinoz, Chaud, Gandikota’s Coast Spices, Ram ki Bandi, House of Candy and many more. More to add to the tastes of multiple group attendees.

The famous Zomato Ferris wheel was glowing with lights as the sun set. French fries and pasta figurines are outlined with bright lights. People gather with their friends in front of the slow moving carousel, take part in snap shots and struggle to get that perfect Instagram boom. The big carnival yeoman lined up with artists like Tranquil, Noves Jain, King, Priyanka Nath, Pina Colada Blues, Rahul Dua, Talwinder, The Yellow Diary, Vanishree Sahu, Kasiyab, Dikshant, Gaurav Kapoor, and Zaden.

“Attending Zumaland was an unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever. A crowd of enthusiastic people filled the beautiful and spacious venue, making it an unforgettable carnival. A plethora of food stalls provided endless options for the visitors, ensuring the satisfaction of all those who attended. In addition, The famous Ferris wheel was the delightful finishing touch that made this event stand out from any other.It cannot be denied that the highlight of the night was the extraordinary line-up of performers.

Rahul Dua made us laugh, while Anuf Jain’s performance left our hearts filled with warmth and joy. The whole evening was unforgettable because of all these amazing artists: The Yellow Diary, Talwinder, and more! We’d be back in time for another round of singing with Anuf Jain at Barishein any day,” says Nimisha Vora, the company’s communications director.

While it was a fun event, Zara, an associate analyst, believes it would be fun if a Ferris wheel was turned on as the view would be immaculate from there to witness the starry sea of ​​lights from the Anuv Jain musical. It was fun; I just got to know a few of the artists from the lineup, like Gaurav Kapoor, Rahul Dua and Anuv Jain. The food is obviously great, with multiple options to choose and I had Skippi, the ice pop starter that came on Shark Tank. The vibes are pure I wish there were good cues, but I just couldn’t get my shots,” Zara adds.

The carnival also had fun activities like face painting, dance competitions, games like head shots, flying beans, flickin’ cool, etc. of food stalls. It was also good to see that Zomaland gave emerging artists opportunities. I had my face painted, and it was my first time, and it was a great experience, ”concludes Annette Zepporah.