First Pet Night since 2019 brings the power of pets to Capitol Hill

Pet Night on Capitol Hill shares the message that pets have a tangible impact on our health and well-being, and that there are concrete measures policy makers can take to support pets and their owners.

The Human Animal Association Research Institute (HABRI), the Pet Food Institute (PFI) and the Pet Advocacy Network hosted Pet Night on Capitol Hill for the first time since the pandemic began, celebrating the important role pets play in our lives. Pet Night brought together members of Congress and leaders in the pet care community to share key programs, policies, and data on how the human-animal bond positively affects our mental, physical and social health.

“The pet care community is thrilled to personally return to share pet authority with Congress,” said Stephen Feldman, President of HABRI. “Pet Night on Capitol Hill shares the message that pets have a tangible impact on our health and well-being, and that there are concrete measures policy makers can take to support pets and their owners.”

There were a lot of pets in attendance, including the pet partner’s treatment teams. Trumpet the Westminster Best in Show winner, presented by Purina; and Biscuit, Washington Capitals service dog in training, provided by Mars Pitcare.


“It was exciting to meet face-to-face with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to advocate for positive pet policies, and then end the day by celebrating all that pets bring into our lives,” said Mike Popper, President and CEO of Pet Advocacy Network. “Today and every day, we are committed to helping all Americans find and care for their ideal companions and experience the amazing benefits of pet ownership and animal-assisted interactions.”

The Animal Health Institute (AHI) has honored the winners of the Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest, now in its 14th year, in recognition of the most adorable animals owned by members of Congress and their staff.

Cute dog: Louis

Owner: Alyssa Gulick

Office of Representative Bill Johnson (OH-6)

Cat Cuteness: Kate

Owner: Jesse Ferguson

Office of Representative Mike Flood (NE-1)

Cutest Stranger: Charlie (Horse)

Owner: Gray Maxwell

Office of Senator Ben Cardin (MD)

“The human-animal bond continues to get stronger and stronger, which is why we enjoy celebrating that bond with the Best Pets Contest,” said Alex Matthews, President and CEO of AHI. The availability of medicines to keep the animals healthy plays an important role in strengthening this relationship. The animal health industry is proud to offer medicines and treatments that enable pets to live healthy lives.”

Pet Night has specially honored Congressman Kurt Schrader (OR-5) with the Human Animal Association Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his dedication to animal health and the human-animal relationship. Throughout his impressive career, Congressman Schrader, currently the only veterinarian in Congress, has been instrumental in developing legislation to protect the integrated health of people and companion animals.

“Throughout my time in Congress, I have always looked forward to Pet Night and Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest. It is opportunities like these that effectively spread the word to pet owners, the public, and my colleagues about the important benefits pets bring to our lives,” said Representative Schrader. And the vital role that veterinary medicine plays in protecting public health.” “I was also honored to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Human and Animal Association. I am very proud to have championed the human-animal bond throughout my time in Congress and hope to inspire my colleagues and others to continue to support policies and legislation that advance the health of people and their pets.”

Pet Night is now part of Pet Week on Capitol Hill, a week-long series of virtual programming and in-person visits. Sessions share key statements about the importance of pets to human health and quality of life and highlight the most pressing issues related to pet ownership in America. All recorded discussions from Pet Week on Capitol Hill are now available for viewing on demand at, where people can also sign up to be invited to Pet Night on Capitol Hill 2023.

Pet Night on Capitol Hill is an annual event sponsored by the pet grooming community. For more information, please visit Pictures are available upon request.

About Habré

HABRI is a non-profit organization that maintains the world’s largest online library of human-animal bond research and information; Funds innovative research projects to scientifically document the health benefits of pets; It informs the public of research on human-animal bonds and the beneficial role of companion animals in society. For more information, please visit

About the Pet Food Institute

Founded in 1958, the Pet Food Institute (PFI) is the trade and voting association of manufacturers of cat and dog food in the United States. Our members represent the vast majority of dog and cat foods made in the United States, with more than $50 billion in annual domestic dog and cat food sales and annual exports of more than $2 billion. PFI membership also includes companies that provide ingredients, equipment, and services to dog and cat food manufacturers.

About the Pet Advocacy Network

The Pet Advocacy Network, formerly the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC), links the experience and expertise of the responsible pet care community with legislators and governing bodies, and advocates for legislative and regulatory priorities at the local, state, federal and international levels. levels. Since 1971, the organization has worked to promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, enhance environmental stewardship, and ensure access to healthy pets, including small animals, cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, and birds. Members of the Pet Advocacy Network include retailers, companion animal suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, manufacturer representatives, pet enthusiasts, and other trade organizations.

About the Institute of Animal Health

The Animal Health Institute (AHI) represents companies that develop and produce animal medicines. Our industry is a global leader whose products improve the health of nearly 10 billion companion and food-producing animals in the United States, resulting in significant economic and social benefits for Americans.

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