Fast food: why Kwik will reopen its restaurants in France

Kwik wants to double the number of its restaurants by 2026. (© AUFORT Jérôme / Adobe Stock)

Reunion. This is the subject of the communication campaign des fast fast food, the beginning of a broad plan to relaunch the Franco-Belgian brands in France, as in 1998 Eric Wormsey starred in advertising spots. But in 2015, that seemed to be the end.

It was also acquired by the Bertrand Group Burger King ownerthe latter intended to establish American fast food restaurants instead 400 Q-Quick Restaurant calculated prior to acquisition.

Fans of the giant burger can be reassured: after six years, the chain intends to return to the forefront of the fast food scene. And it has already begun.

acquisition of re-launch

If the company wants to become dominant againAnd This is because of that hits the mark. At the time of the strategy to turn Quick into Burger King, the remaining restaurants had a file double-digit growthrefers to the fast food chain he called

Of the 400 restaurants, 107 have already remained under the Franco-Belgian brand since 2015. On the strength of these numbers and this success, Quick has been bought by an American group, HIG Capital, which wants to turn around and Re-publish the network.

A wish confirmed by the CEO of the company, Frédéric Levacher, as a guest on Business BFM.

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We are in the recovery plan in 2023 with the desire to return to certain areas.

Frederick LevacherPDG de Quik

admire “love”

If, as with any business, it is the results that can predict trends in terms of opening and closing, the series also assures us that “on social networks, there have been A wave of love for netizens who demanded the opening of restaurants.

This is one of the reasons why the media campaign plays on the nostalgic chord of Giant and Quick N’ Toast fans.

The idea is to remember the good times with Eric and Ramsey, but also with Caouette earlier. We aim to return to contemporary characters like Joyca.


Double the number of restaurants

To “redistribute” restaurants, HIG Capital introduced a fixed-cost plan. The goal is Twice as many restaurants in 2026sets Quick.

This will include opening 10 to 20 stores each year. 10 new Kwik cars unlocked in 2022.

work side, 800 appointments planned By the brand which currently has 4,500 employees.


But for a fast food brand, nerves of war, It’s the burger. And in the kitchen, the chain does not intend to copy its direct competitors, which are McDonald’s, Burger King or even Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We will stand out from the competition, with French-style fast food, strong in the Franco-Belgian DNA.


“You have to resemble the expectations of consumers who expect different types of burgers, and a distinct taste,” Kwik stresses. “A taste of reunion”?

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