Extreme delivery drives new restaurant sales

Restaurants are leveraging digital transformation to expand audiences and add revenue streams.

Take, for example, the Chicago-based Italian fast food chain Hassanwhich launched its direct-to-consumer (D2C) shipping business nationwide in 2020. In an interview with PYMNTS, Micah Peterson, director of finance and sales for the restaurant chain Shop and ship Business, talk about the opportunity this channel has created for the restaurant.

“We used to do it before [nationwide shipping food marketplace] goldbellyPeterson said. “We’ve been working with them over a couple of years and we’ve seen the turnover and sales there increase, and we figured out why not add this to our website and manage the processing ourselves to increase the income from those sales overall?”

He noted that the addition of this D2C business has grown the restaurant’s nationwide shipping business even as sales continue through Goldbelly. The company has also added nationwide shipping options Amazon To reach the large audience of the e-commerce giant.

Notably, not all nationwide shipping channels have proven successful for the restaurant brand. In 2021, the restaurant complex DoorDash launched its own Goldbelly competitor, Nationwide Shipping, promising to do the same, sending food from restaurants across the country to homes across the United States. Buona has been bidding on the platform for some time but finds that DoorDash has yet to nail the logistics of the model.

“They’re just getting started and they’re still trying to work out the kinks,” Peterson said. “Basically, it was a manual process, and we didn’t feel like they were ready for us to split our sales with them.”

Certainly, there has been a rush on the part of e-commerce markets to enter this field. In June, Uber Eats followed in DoorDash’s footsteps and announced the launch Shipping nationwide Selection.

In contrast to DoorDash’s hasty entry into the space, Peterson noted that Goldbelly has the process “down to a tee,” positioning restaurants to market for success. Buona’s own website and Amazon store require more marketing efforts on the part of the merchant than Goldbelly. However, the restaurant’s D2C site offers advantages over the nationwide dropshipping market.

Peterson noted that Buona could better follow up with customers who placed D2C orders, driving repeat orders and creating a “long-term relationship” that could pay more in the future.

Overall, he argued, three qualities set a restaurant for success on shipping channels nationwide: standardization of logistical operations, stabilization of packaging to ensure food ships are safe, and communication with customers.

Peterson has estimated that at peak times for shipping nationwide (which includes the upcoming Super Bowl for a meat-focused brand like Buona), 30-35% of orders come from returning customers, so maintaining constant communication is key.

As the brand adds new restaurant locations down the line, Peterson expects to see more synergies between the restaurant and the freight business nationwide.

“As we expand our footprint here across the country with our stores, we should see greater awareness and greater brand expansion,” said Peterson. “That’s really where we see the biggest engagement – when they’re able to get the retail product or when they’re able to [taste] Meat restaurant [already]. “

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