Evil Dead Rise needed so much gore that a kitchen was hired to make it

evil dead rise They used so much stage blood that they had to go to great lengths in order to obtain it all. The film, which is due in theaters April 21, is the fifth in the series that follows the various ways in which demons possess Canadians and mutilate humans. This particular story, from writer-director Lee Cronin, is largely unrelated to the rest of the franchise, following a family whose Los Angeles apartment becomes a rental home when the full power of the Book of the Dead is unleashed and they become a possessed single mother.

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SlashFilm I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cronin to discuss the impending release of evil dead rise. During the conversation, he revealed that they used over 1,700 gallons of stage blood, enough to fill about four hot tubs for 4-6 people. The quantity demanded was so great that they had to”Industrial kitchen rentalto achieve that. Read the full quote below:

[It’s] All sticky blood, lousy film. Like the real deal. There is no cheating in taking some water and putting red food coloring in it. Because that will not suffice. All of this was cooked. We had to rent an industrial kitchen to supply the amount of blood we needed, and it was everywhere. So yeah, it’s the real deal. And scattered on the screen.

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Evil Dead movies require more blood than your average horror outing


With this quote, Cronin reveals that evil dead rise It will fit perfectly evil dead being. While the story is not closely related to that of the original trilogy (which was followed up when star Bruce Campbell returned for the series’ three seasons, Ash vs. Evil Dead) or new edition 2013 evil deadIt takes a lot of blood to fit into both franchises. Even with tight budgets, each film has tried to outpace the previous one in terms of on-screen carnage.

The average horror outing, especially in the slasher subgenre, only spreads blood when it comes to character deaths. However, the supernatural hypothesis of Evil dead Movies allow the human body to be pushed beyond its natural limits. Playful and savage, the Kandarian demons use limbs to shock potential victims, resulting in wounds spurting copious amounts of blood, far more than the typical 1.5 gallons of a human body.

One Way evil dead The remake upped the ante by drenching the entire third act in a downpour of blood. while evil dead rise Likely never to relive that particular moment, Cronin seems to have found plenty of ways to bring gruesome glory to the screen. It remains to be seen what the film’s bloodiest moments will be, but the fifth film is no slouch when it comes to keeping the flame of the bloody franchise alive.

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