Euroqip equips Australian kitchens with the latest Moretti Forni products

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Posted March 16, 2023

Euroqip is the leading Australian provider of high quality foodservice equipment products, as well as the exclusive Australian distributor of Moretti Forni brand products.


Italian cuisine is famous for reinventing the “pizza wheel” back to the 4th century BC. After eons of development, a quantum leap occurred when a forward-thinking brand entered the scene, blending innovative technologies with traditional cooking techniques and recipes. The name of this brand is Moretti Forni.

Known to world-class chefs, chefs and gourmets as the only “smart baking company”, Moretti Forni has revolutionized the culinary world by bringing smart pizza, pastry, bakery and multifunctional ovens to the market.

With nearly a century in the making, Moretti Forni has pushed the envelope of quality and is among the most sought-after brands by culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike. Moretti Forni’s famous Italian pizza oven product line was brought to Australia by Euroqip, a leading provider of boutique food service equipment.

As the exclusive retailer of Moretti Forni products, Euroqip offers a wide range of best-in-class pizza ovens. From the customizable Serie S ovens, game-changing Neapolis ovens, and classic Serie P Amalfi ovens to the unparalleled reliability of Serie P gas ovens, groundbreaking iDecks, and Link ovens, some of Moretti Forni’s finest products now grace hundreds of kitchens worldwide. across Australia.

A Euroqip spokesperson conveyed that its partnership with Moretti Forni enables Australian chefs to have the best pizza ovens manufactured to date, imparting that the brand embodies all of Euroqip’s core values ​​while raising the bar in the areas of reliability, ecology, innovation and quality, stating the following:

“Making the perfect baking experience is the mission of Moretti Forni: a company that is at the forefront in everything it does, from product design to technical and scientific innovation; from design to respect for the environment, a continuous investment in research and human resources,” said a company spokesperson.

Euroqip strives to offer its customers the most advanced and sophisticated technology available in the culinary industry. In its mission, the company sought a partnership with Moretti Forni, naming it the only brand that could deliver on the promise of quality without compromise.

Moretti Forni’s innovations have shaken markets across all points of the compass and are now coming to Australia to enable professionals and enthusiasts of quality cooking to enjoy their professions and hobbies like never before.

Game-changing SmartBaking technologies provide unparalleled cooking safety, countless new opportunities unlocked by powerful features, unparalleled reliability, and most importantly, an eco-friendly baking and cooking solution.

In addition to offering some of Moretti Forni’s most popular products, Euroqip also retails Regina, Staff Ice System and Coldline kitchen products.

More information about Euroqip is available on the company’s official website.

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