Durga Puja Food Recipes 2022: From Mori Guntu to Khichori; 5 lip-smacking traditional Bengali delicacies that you will love to devour during Durgutsava (Watch the videos)

Durga Puja, Durgotsav or Sharadotsava is an annual 10-day festival dedicated to the worship of Goddess Shakti. The Hindu celebration is widely celebrated in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Odisha, Tripura and Bangladesh. Bengali also celebrate Durga Puja with utmost reverence and pomp in homes and public places. The last five days of the festival are very important. The sacred puja is performed to request blessings from Goddess Durga by installing her clay statues in Pandals with structural motifs. According to the Hindu calendar, the celebrations fall in the month of Ashwin. Durga Puja 2022 in India It will start on October 1st, Saturday, and end with Vijayadashmi on October 5th, Wednesday. This article introduces you to Durga Puja 2022 food recipes, which are a must during religious celebration! Difference Between Navratri and Durga Puja: Before Shardiya Navratri 2022, from food to festivities, find out how these two celebrations are more different than you think!

1. Mori Gunto

The signature dish of Bengali cuisine, Muri Ghonto, is the heavenly fusion of rice, cut potatoes and fish head.

2. Khichori


A delicious and staple dish at Durga Puja Bhog, khichuri is made with rice, mung dal, potatoes, cauliflower and rich Indian spices.

3. Shoresh Elish

Authentic Bengali taste made from trick Steamed fish in mustard oil, spices and green pepper. This dish will surely make you crave a second meal.

4. Roshogolla

Spongy, sweet and juicy, this white cheese dessert is a mandatory ingredient in Pujo! Already hungry?

5. Aamir Shatney

At the end of a heavy meal, people serve the tangy-flavored Amer salsa made of raw mango slices, mustard seeds, fried varieties, and sugar.

The festival of Goddess Shakti is all about celebrating good over evil, prayer, dance, music and lots of food. Bengalis love food, and in their celebrations, there are no restrictions on adhering to a vegetarian diet. A wide range of foods, from sweet meats to spicy to non-vegetarians, from simple to exotic and authentic to fusion, the article has covered all the culinary delights that should have the true festival spirit.

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