Dough opens KFC, Pizza Hut outlets in Dar

“The opening of the 8th KFC and the 9th Pizza hut restaurant has provided more opportunities to local markets such as chicken producers, created more jobs in Tanzania and increased employment opportunities,” Dough said in a statement yesterday.

The two outlets have created jobs for cooks, servers, accountants, executive roles, and distributors, workers who perform delivery services to deliver food to customers while maintaining and delivering consistently high-quality food and optimal consumer experiences.

In a statement made by the company, it was stated that the opening celebrations of the two outlets were hand in hand with returning to the community for 54 children with special needs cared for by the Baba Oreste Foundation.

Kids are invited to enjoy an afternoon of fun and delicious pizza and chicken at Pizza Hut & KFC Mbezi Beach.

Vikram Desai, Managing Director of Dough Works Limited, said, “Pizza Hut & KFC’s joint location has ample seating for our customers, a children’s playground, as well as a drive-thru service to serve all our customers around Mbezi Beach, Kunduchi, Goba, Mbezi Juu, Africana, Bahari Beach and Kilonga Wima”

“Along with customers, Pizza Hut and KFC Mbezi Beach look forward to integrating and supporting the Mbezi Beach community, marking the beginning of what they hope will be a long-lasting relationship with the community at a special hand-in-hand event,” he said. Hand in hand with the Baba Oreste Foundation led by Mr. Mauricio Robiro”.

“Dough Works Limited hopes to continue to host such events and partner with similar organizations that contribute to the social development and well-being of the Mbezi Beach Community,” he said.

Dough said he is proud of the partnership that has encouraged Tanzanian restaurants to meet international standards for quality service with the opening of new KFC and Pizza-Hut restaurants.

To date, the company has directly employed approximately 750 Tanzanians, who meet their needs and improve their daily lives through their work.

KFC and Pizza-Hut have become Tanzania’s top restaurants as their brands spread around the world.

“With this in mind, the owners of these restaurants, where these two restaurants have served thousands of Tanzanians across the country, have ensured that the service and quality standard has been strictly observed, while ensuring that the service and food offered are of high quality.” said.

MD expressed his excitement and happiness at the opening of the two restaurants.

Founded in 2015, Dough Works Limited is the leading provider of consistently high quality food and comfort experiences and amenities.

In addition to being the sole franchisee of Pizza Hut & KFC in Tanzania, they are the founders of the newly promoted homegrown food and beverage startup including BAO Café & Express.

Dough Works has grown tremendously over the past 7 years, operating 27 outlets in Dar es Salaam and Arusha.