Does this Dormy Inn near Mt.Fuji offer the best business hotel breakfast in all of Japan?

In true Dormy Inn style, the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet features regional specialties such as pork dishes and mikuria soba.

Dormy Inn A Japanese business hotel chain known for its amazing breakfast buffets with local cuisine, such as its Otaru location in Hokkaido, which offers all kinds of fresh seafood. Our correspondent in Japanese Masanuki Sunakoma recently visited Gotemba city year Shizuoka Prefecture and “Fujizakura no Yu Natural Hot Spring: Dormy Inn Express Mt.Fuji Gotemba” was on site. Gotemba is located right next to Mt.Fuji and you can get great views of the mountain from anywhere in the city. In fact, this hotel even has a rooftop terrace with a foot tub where you can enjoy the view. As spectacular as the local scenery is, Masanuki focused on the hotel’s famous breakfast during this trip.

The breakfast area of ​​Dormy Inn Express Mount Fuji Gotemba is located in the spacious Hatago restaurant on the first floor. While the restaurant was previously open to anyone, including non-hotel guests, from November 2022, Hatago will now be limited to hotel guests only for an indefinite period.


Dormy Inn’s breakfast buffets are an all-you-can-eat gastronomic tour, with a total of about 50 different dishes, including regional Japanese dishes as well as Western-style dishes. Even better, you can watch the chefs prepare the food right in front of you. The specialty of this Dormy Inn’s regional cuisine is grilled pork and pork, made using Shizuoka’s famous Fujinokuni pork, a very tender and flavorful variety. Masanuki tried to get everyone’s dishes.

▼ Fujinokuni Grilled Pork

▼ Fujinokuni Pork

He too would regret it if he didn’t try the tradition of the Gotemba region customer service. These special noodles are made using Japanese yams as a binding agent, an ingredient that can be seen in its smooth texture.

▼ Customer Service

After all the dishes were laid out, Masanuki had to take a moment to marvel at the perfection of his tray. This spread can be a decadent dinner let alone breakfast!

It’s finally time to get down to business. Alternately nibbling between grilled pork and pork stew, his taste buds marveled at the divine flavor and texture of the pork. He already felt like he’d gotten his money’s worth from those two meals, but the invitation to eat was still in his possession.

If you request it, the chef will prepare a ready-made omelette for you to mix into the stew. He found that the thick, creamy stew went well with both rice and bread.

Big chunks of local brand Taiyo chicken were waiting in his mikuria soba. The whole piece was wonderful with the sweet soup.

In addition to these main dishes, the buffet had many small dishes and even desserts. There was no way Masanuki could get away with this job without eating too much.

▼ Eggs cooked in hot spring from Gotemba

▼ Lots of fruit pieces

Hatago’s breakfast entrance fee is ¥1,800 (US$13.90) per adult and ¥900 per child (from age three to elementary school). The buffet is open from 6:30am to 9:00am (9:30am on Sundays only). Masanuki concluded that staying at the hotel was worth it just for the breakfast (and he didn’t mind the saunas and foot baths either). It’s now probably at the top of the Dormy Inn breakfasts he’s tried, and he recommends it as a home base for exploring the Mt.Fuji area.

Hotel information
Natural Hot Spring Fujizakura No Y: Dormy Inn Express Mt.Fuji Gotemba
Address: 1505-3 Higashi-Tanaka, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka-ken
1505-3 Higashi Tanaka, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Reference: Dormy Inn
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