Does fermented coffee help you lose weight? Experts explain the trending drink

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Some people just prefer their coffee with milk, while others like to shake things up by drinking options like protein coffee, olive oil coffee, or even mushroom coffee. But what about fermented coffee for weight loss? The stunner is touted as a quick way to lose weight and shed belly fat, but is the hype really all it’s cracked up to be?

Proponents of the trendy drink claim that the coffee blend contains digestive enzymes that help break down fat. However, nutritionists are less convinced. The drink blends various ingredients such as green coffee bean extract, chromium, yerba mate, and more. And while regular coffee is known to increase metabolism, which can help achieve and maintain a healthy weight, according to Jim White, RDN, ACSM Ex-P, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, when it comes to fermented coffee . there’s very little scientific evidence to really support weight loss,” explains White.

“It’s advertised as a weight-loss drink because it’s so high in caffeine, and there are some studies that show that caffeine can promote weight loss,” explains Kerry Gans, RDN, co-author. A diet of small changes and podcast host The Kerry Report. To lose weight in a healthy way, Gans says, she recommends focusing on a healthy diet, portion control, reducing stress and increasing your activity level.

What is fermented coffee?

“Ferment coffee is a blend of ground coffee, green coffee beans, green tea, chromium, yerba mate and guarana,” explains White. “All of these ingredients combined are said to aid in weight loss as it boosts metabolism and can suppress appetite.” But why are these ingredients combined to produce a weight loss drink?

Chromium can be used to stabilize blood sugar, correct insulin resistance, and can increase lean muscle mass, explains White at the National Institutes of Health. Yerba mate is an herbal tea that can suppress appetite (which can help reduce your caloric intake), White continues, while guarana is a caffeine-rich seed known to boost metabolism.

Does coffee enzyme work for weight loss?

The short answer is no, Gans says. “There is never one food or drink that should be the ‘be all’ for weight loss. Losing weight requires behavioral and lifestyle changes, as well as a lot of patience and self-compassion.”

However, for those who struggle with overeating, fermented coffee can help suppress appetite. This effect is mainly due to caffeine, which is also found in regular coffee, which also helps to increase energy. This energy boost can be useful in terms of exercise to complete longer, more intense sessions for overall calorie burn, according to White.

Overall, coffee is good for you for several reasons that can affect weight loss. In addition to caffeine, coffee can help process sugar (glucose) better and “is associated with a moderately lower risk of heart disease,” White explains.

Coffee enzyme side effects for weight loss

“Roasted coffee is very high in caffeine, so anyone who is sensitive to caffeine can experience a number of side effects,” Gans notes. Some of these possible side effects include:

Alternative weight loss drinks

There is no quick sip that can make you shed pounds. While fermented coffee may not be a magic solution to weight loss, there are some beverages you can add to a healthy diet to get you closer to your goals. To put it simply, “water is definitely the ideal drink for weight loss,” Gans notes. “It has zero calories and can help with satiety.”

But if you’re looking for drinks other than water to sip on throughout the day, White recommends (not necessarily for weight loss) adding higher-protein drinks and shakes with 30g of protein, as these types of drinks can help muscle formation when combined with strength training. In addition, “Green and black tea can improve metabolism, which can promote weight loss,” explains White.

Bottom line:

While there aren’t many worrisome side effects from consuming fermented coffee, the many weight loss claims behind the drink are probably more marketing ploy than evidence of truth. However, there are many scientific methods of losing weight.

“Research shows that a combination of lifestyle habits and exercise is best for safe weight loss. Eating a nutrient-dense diet, eating in a calorie deficit, and being physically active can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle,” explains White. “I look at these products and supplements as a tool within a tool. Added to a healthy diet and exercise [they] can be a great supplement for promoting weight loss and overall health. Other recommendations include reducing stress, improving sleep habits and adopting mindful eating habits.”

Important disclaimer. Dietary supplements are products designed to supplement the diet. They are not medicines and are not intended to treat, diagnose, alleviate, prevent or cure disease. Use caution when taking supplements if you are pregnant or nursing, and be sure to check with your doctor before taking new supplements (or giving them to a family member) in any situation, as they may interfere with medication.

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