Disney Shuts Down Splash Mountain for Good

It is indeed the end of an era in more ways than one. disney They announced that they were closing Leap Mountain to spread. An uncertain farewell to the fan-favorite log canal train. But it’s not a permanent closure for the shoot itself. The company plans to achieve this again.

For those of us old enough to remember, disney introduced the ride as follows: Zip-a-Dee River Run in 1983. Song of the South film. Renamed a year later Leap Mountain to help introduce someone else disney film: Vault with tom hanks and Darryl Hannah.

The newest makeover was announced in 2020. Despite the name change in 1984, after years of complaints that the ride still had racist overtones. disney animated movie Princess and the Frog. The new journey will be called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Both are scheduled to open in 2024 Disneyland and Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World.

Fans are running everywhere disney theme parks to say their last goodbyes Splash Mountain. Others try to enjoy some water under the arch before the ride closes for the year. already closed Magic kingdom. closing date for Disneyland inside California It hasn’t been announced yet, but it probably won’t take long.

Other fans want to profit from this change by selling water from the ride. Open eBaypeople earn $1000 for a single jar they claim to be Leap Mountain water ( The listings show a picture of the water in front of the pool. Leap Mountain to spread. The listings also claim to hold water before closing on the last day of the trip. magic kingdom. So you can probably search for similar confusion. Anaheim in the next few weeks.

If you plan to visit the theme park soon, bring a few jars. – Wendy Rush

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Best 2022 Holiday Disneyland Meals and Treats

Disneyland dinner It is another level of joy for the true gourmet.

Stroll through the Disneyland resort and you’re greeted by streets adorned with colourful, sparkling and uninterrupted holiday decor, and there’s a sense of cheerful energy buzzing in the air.

This Disneyland Holiday Festival It is a wonderful collection of events and themes that honor the holiday traditions of different cultures around the world. I was able to enjoy some of the holiday highlights at the park last weekend. And I had a ball!

food It’s on a whole other level during the holiday season at Disneyland, which makes it even more special. It’s safe to say that I ate my weight (and took a lot of extra steps). Disneyland’s Sip and Savor Pass, which allowed me to taste a variety of different foods and drinks. The Sip and Savor Pass is about $56 for guests and $51 for annual travelers, according to, and it’s well worth it! Can you say “Hot Butter Rum?” With real butter. Heaven on earth!

This year’s theme looked like this: “traditional innovation.” In celebration of the Holidays Festival, there were many tried-and-true dishes spiced with a twist. For example, I bit Curry Mac ‘n Cheesewas rich with an explosion of curry and spice flavors in your mouth! Divoon!!

I had a couple of delicious guava melon lassi. It’s one of our favorite things and helped us immensely on a hot 81 degree November day. It was like a tropical sunset whirling in your mouth. According to Disney, the drink contains guava nectar, melon syrup, yogurt and honey. Whipped cream is placed on top of the drink, and honey-flavored cornflakes are placed on light cream.

This is truly an experience – Disneyland as always!

scroll down for withe “Carla Rea’s weekend at Disneyland” and delicious treats offered during this year’s Holiday Festival!