Diet Coke women

The love of Diet Coke is back in Generation Z. Many TikTokers, women in particular, profess their love of Diet Coke and “romanticize” Coke in their daily diet by posting either their journey to get one or the drink itself.

Celebrity women have been the face of Diet Coke since the 1980s, and the drink’s popularity has been associated with women throughout its history.

Soda commercials from various brands have been known to have featured models or famous celebrities for nearly a decade. Pepsi has the famous Cindy Crawford advert that was loved by many.

In 1988, two famous celebrities appeared in Diet Coke commercials. Demi Moore, the successful American actress, promoted the “Just One Calorie” drink and Whitney Houston, the famous American singer, sang the Diet Coke slogan in a commercial. These two advertisements promoted the launch of Diet Coke, as it was a fairly new product for the 1980s.

One of the most prominent faces of Diet Coke has been singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Swift was a “Diet Coke Brand Ambassador” from 2013-2018. The slogan associated with her campaign was “Stay Exceptional” and it promoted drinking Diet Coke as part of a daily routine.

In 2013, her first commercial promoted the ‘Stay Extraordinary’ campaign. It features her famous song “22”. In 2014, another Diet Coke ad with Swift aired, and it featured a sneak peek at one of her new songs from her new album, “1989.”

Taylor Swift has also been known to be posing with Diet Coke in advertisements, Instagram photos, and magazine covers during this partnership. The ad for Diet Coke and Taylor Swift featured the hashtag #ShareWithTaylor.

Currently, British supermodel Kate Moss is the creative director of Diet Coke. The slogan for the ongoing campaign is “Love what you love”, and the campaign features a limited edition and cans of Diet Coke. The four newly designed canisters are inspired by famous Moss fashions from her career.

Expressions of love for Diet Coke have popped up in many directions on TikTok. One TikTok user, @hauskris, films her daily Diet Coke breaks during her workday. It features her daily routine, with having a Diet Coke as a comfort and a treat in her day.

The feminine connotation and obsession around Diet Coke is nothing new, and women have supported and promoted Diet Coke for years.

Another TikTok user, popular influencer tinx, rated the “different” types of Diet Coke, explaining that “not all diet cookies are created equal.” I compared the plastic bottle, the can, the bottle, and the McDonald’s soda fountain.

In 1983, Diet Cola was the #1 diet soft drink in the United States as well as the #1 soft drink brand among women. In 2023, it remains at the top of the charts.

Although TikTok users are “flirting” with their soda, there has been a lot of backlash with Diet Coke and the Coca Cola company as a whole. Taylor Swift and Kate Moss have both received criticism for their partnership with the brand due to their use of aspartame, which has been known to cause cancer.