Dakga – Unique Korean Chicken Neck BBQ Restaurant with FREE Cheese Fondue at Duxton

Do you like Korean BBQ?

You should pay attention to Dakga on Duxton Road (Tanjong Pagar) as it is an atypical Korean BBQ restaurant.

Dakga specializes in authentic grilled chicken barbecue and other Korean dishes, many with chicken. Yes, of course Fried Chicken is on the menu.

It’s also one of the few places where you can taste every part of the chicken, including the neck, in a tasty smoky barbecued avatar.

The restaurant takes it a step further, offering unlimited free cheese fondue and nachos with every $50 and above dine-in-barbecue order.


Dakga basks in the country’s gastronomic history, drawing inspiration from the 1960s, when locals in Chuncheon, Korea, began marinating chicken and grilling it over charcoal due to a shortage of pork.

Therefore, the eatery’s vibe also tries to recreate Korean barbecue joints of the 1980s, adding a sense of nostalgia to the dining experience.

Here’s what you can expect from Dakga, the destination for your Korean Chicken BBQ cravings in Singapore:

Chicken Neck Meat Without Bone ($28/150g)
The BBQ menu is highlighted by Dakga’s carefully prepared neck meat or “Dak Moksahl Gui” 닭 목살 구이, available in two varieties and limited quantities per day.

Although the chicken neck is an unconventional piece (I admit, this is my first time eating it!), it does have some tasty properties.

It had slender flesh, a decent fat content and always a bit chewy.

When seared over the charcoal fire, the skin became slightly crispy, while the inside remained juicy and tender.

If it’s your first time, have a few pieces of grilled neck without seasoning.

Then dip the rest in the complimentary fondue for that extra bit of cheesy deliciousness.

Marinated Chicken Neck Meat ($29/150g)
Marinating and then rubbing the chicken neck with fragrant spices undoubtedly boosts the flavor profile.

Dakga’s signature “Dak Moksahl Gui” stands out for its exclusivity and distinct texture, only one piece per chicken (you can expect just over 15 pieces – depending on weight).

Because the meat is tender, it quickly becomes crispy and stringy, which, along with the boldness of the marinade, tantalises the taste buds.

Not to be missed is the shimmering shine on the barbecued neck meat. You can have this on its own, or just add a bit of their house style special salt.

Chicken bone in thigh ($27/400g)
Do you like a nice juicy piece of meat? Dakga’s Chicken Bone-in Thigh ($28/400g) is just that.

Those wondering why chefs leave the bone in should keep in mind that the process is done specifically to improve the palatability of the meat.

The bone helps keep the natural juices in, elevating the overall flavor of the grilled chicken to the next level.

Marinated Chicken Bone In Thigh ($28/400g)
Done with a house-made spicy sauce that seeps into the meat, you can taste the intense flavors of the spices in every bite, not just the surface.

The final charcoal grilling leaves a slight char with lingering smokiness on the skin, making the chicken thigh all the more delicious.

Other offerings to tempt are the Chicken Oyster ($24/6 pieces), Gizzard ($13/120g), Tenderloin ($17/150g) and Heart ($13/100g).

The barbecue is well complemented by a medley of other dishes, made to match the flavor of the chicken.

Curry Fried Chicken ($22)
This Curry Fried Chicken was to die for. As you nibble on the chicken wings, the crunch would be quite memorable.

At the same time, the tenderness of the chicken meat flavored with curry powder makes it addictive.

Kimchi pancake ($16)
Complementing the savory nature of the chicken is the kimchi pancake, a spicy-spicy side consisting of a flat omelette pancake (flatter than usual) incorporated with kimchi.

The soft pancake had a nice crispy exterior that added to its satisfying appeal.

Dakga Ramen ($12)
A full-bodied chicken broth with a ‘traditional’ preparation that is as iconic as it is comforting.

The ramyeon interestingly had a home-cooked flavor (in a good way), with a robust and cloudy
broth that wasn’t overly salty, chewy noodles and an onsen egg.

To continue the theme of the restaurant, you will also find tender pieces of chicken in it.

Gye Bim Myun dry cold noodle ($14)
The Dried Chili Chicken Noodle bowl promises an array of contrasting flavors that pair beautifully.

The stringy chilled noodles provide a refreshingly savory base, while various spices and a special Korean sauce give the recipe a fiery character.

With the addition of the chicken and some veggies, you’ll enjoy a hint of smokiness, spiciness, and varied textures in every bite. I thought this paired well with the ‘heat’ barbecued food.

Old fashioned lunch box ($10)
The Korean Dosirak consists of a portion of rice, Korean spam, spicy kimchi, salty anchovies and a liquid sunny side up.

The best way to eat the dish is to mix everything together for a spoonful of spicy, buttery, nutty, savory and herbal flavors.

17 Duxton Road, Singapore 089483
Phone: +65 8911 2487
Opening hours: 6pm – 11:55pm (Tue – Sun), Mon. Closed

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Dakga.