Creator of a thriving avocado toast food truck says avocados are here to stay

Evan Nevels, founder of Vocado MKE, will launch a second food truck this summer.


Evan Nevels knows the jokes people make about avocado toast and millennials. He also understands them. She still thinks avocado toast is much more than a trend.

In fact, in 2021 the Brookfield resident founded his business, Vocado MKE, on avocado toast. It started with a simple tent at farmers’ markets. It added a food truck last year and is adding a second truck to its range this summer, offering a full menu of all avocado toast varieties.

Vocado MKE, Burn Boot Camp in Menomonee Falls from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on March 4, Earth and Reforestation at Elm Grove Park on April 29 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Day and will be at events like the Brookfield Corners Food Truck Festival on May 17. 21, 19 July, 16 August and 20 September. Additionally, Vocado MKE is in various markets this summer season; Brookfield Farmers Market on Saturdays May 6 – October, Tosa Farmers Market on Saturdays June 3 – October 14, Greenfield Farmers Market on Sundays May 7 through October.

Breakfast turns into a job

I actually went to WCTC for commercial marketing and hotel restaurant management. I have always had a passion for food. I just never knew how to follow it. … After graduating with my degrees, I did a bunch of other jobs, nothing to do with food.

In 2019, I was suddenly making myself breakfast, avocado toast. I was thinking of starting my own business. Avocado Toast. I realized there was no food truck or business dedicated to avocado toast and Vocado MKE came from here.

I did more research, played around with the recipes, and started with a tent and farmer’s markets. The first was the Brookfield Farmers Market in 2021.

The food truck needed work

It was a process. When the season, our first year with a tent, came to an end, we were trying to find a way to grow the business. We partnered with Chef Pam’s Kitchen in Waukesha and rented kitchen space. We were offering Doordash, Ubereats and Grubhub from that kitchen. We didn’t want to wait a whole year or months until next season. We wanted the momentum to continue.

Should we buy a showcase? A cafe? A friend said why not a food truck. I started researching costs, found a company that could build them. The company is in Texas and they manufacture trailers.

I was able to save money and have a trailer built. It came with a lot of headaches and a lot of issues when we got the trailer. It’s hard to figure out when we’re in Wisconsin and they’re in Texas, but we got it done. As we speak right now, they are making our second trailer.

Vocado MKE will be at Brookfield Farmers' Market on Saturdays until July 24.  Open from 07:30 until noon on Sunday, Saturday.

Vocado MKE will be at Brookfield Farmers’ Market on Saturdays until July 24. Open from 07:30 until noon on Sunday, Saturday.

Getting the food truck layout right was difficult

The biggest need was layout. … I wanted it to be presented with a nice flow. You don’t have a huge space, so you need everyone to have their own little place.

Employed this year

It was my friends and family who helped out for the first two years. They wanted to see me succeed, they liked the avocado toast and got free avocado toast. This year, I have employees who will be on one truck while I am on another. There are people who have been with me from the beginning.

Joking aside, avocado toast is appreciated

Avocado toast was a trendy thing when it first arrived years ago. People used to say, “Oh, millennials can’t buy a house anymore because they’re eating avocado toast.” This was a joke.

I think it’s here to stay. I’ve been eating avocado toast for the past 15 years. I always thought I was alone. However, when you look at restaurant menus today, it seems like every restaurant has avocado toast on their menu. When I was younger, you would never have seen this on the menu.

The way we create these for our business is unique. The different combinations make people wonder. They want to know how it tastes. This is what makes us stand out.

Vocado MKE's mulberry and chocolate contains mashed avocado, freshly squeezed lemon, strawberries, sea salt and milk chocolate drops.

Vocado MKE’s mulberry and chocolate contains mashed avocado, freshly squeezed lemon, strawberries, sea salt and milk chocolate drops.

Avocado toast menu continues to expand

The way we currently advertise the business is Wisconsin’s first avocado toast and avocado dinner business. He says this because as we continue to grow and the seasons pass, we play with the menu more and more.

Every week we can offer a special unique toast. We were going to serve avocado ice cream and smoothies last year, but we didn’t have a deep freezer. Yet we go there…

As of now, the menu includes completely avocado toasts. We have succeeded in increasing the unique varieties we have. When the season started, we would have about 12 different types of toast, ranging from scrambled egg caprese to banana honey bundles and mango pico de gallo. There is a wide variety of options for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and this summer we will be offering gluten free food.

Most avocados come from Mexico

Typically when we buy avocados, they are large Hass avocados from Mexico that call it Avocado. There will be times when we get them from California, but I personally love avocados from Mexico. It has a different color and texture. Most people won’t notice a difference but I did. This year, now that we have two trucks, we’ll probably need to buy around 600 avocados each week.

Scrambled Eggs Caprese is on Vocado MKE's menu.

Scrambled Eggs Caprese is on Vocado MKE’s menu.

What he wants you to know about Vocado MKE

We get questions about what avocado toast is? We get this question a lot. Guacamole? No. Guacamole and avocado toast are different. Similar but different.

Avocado toast is an open-faced sandwich. We take an avocado, mash it, add different seasonings and juices, layer it, add any fun toppings you want. It makes a nice healthy breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner. It is a quick and easy meal to start the day well.

You also know it’s made fresh because everything we make is made fresh. One thing I learned is that many other restaurants use packaged avocado pulp. For us, I tried this physically. I bought it, tried it. You can taste a complete difference.

Cutting and crushing is carried out on site

Every time we go to these markets, we have between 100 and 150 avocados in the truck. We literally cut, crush, scoop and do everything right then and there. We’re adding basic bread, sourdough, multigrain, and gluten-free bread this year. It is made locally.

Avocado toast can be spicy

We offer variety. If people like a little spice, we have avocado toast with spicy sausage with sriracha mayonnaise and paprika. We have hot options. We have a simple dessert with hot and sweet, chili pepper and honey. Then if you don’t want meat, there are options like margherita with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes, pink Himalayan salt, lemon and black pepper, and balsamic glaze.

We have fruits, vegetables, eggs. I have micro greens, micro green radish with feta and balsamic glaze. If you want a more meaty toast, you can get the bacon avocado pork. … You can also customize your toast.

Fiesta avocado toast from the Vocado food truck is topped with corn, peppers, red onions, tomatoes, and lemon and lime juices.

Fiesta avocado toast from the Vocado food truck is topped with corn, peppers, red onions, tomatoes, and lemon and lime juices.

What separates him and his truck?

According to all the research I’ve done, we may be the only ones eating avocado toast trucks anywhere, not just in Wisconsin. In all my research, I haven’t come across anyone else.

Toppings make avocado delicious

When you eat an avocado by itself, it often tastes like nothing. If you add the right ingredients, the right toppings, that avocado can be delicious! It makes a deliciously delicious toast and a delicious meal.

We decided to create our own “avocado toast all-purpose seasoning”. I know a lot of people use bagel seasoning and everything like that. I created our own seasoning for avocado. You can also use it in steaks, eggs, salads. So we have our own condiment bottles and people can buy it online or on the truck.

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This article was originally published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Vocado MKE food truck contains avocado toast with lots of gravy