Counterfeiters tricked fraudsters with a fake $100 bill from the movie

“Hello good sir, I would like to pay with my Motion Picture bank money. That’s what I hear in my head when I see that someone actually used that fake hundred dollar bill to pay for their stuff.

An example of a counterfeit $100 bill from the Mount Vernon, Indiana Police Department



The Mount Vernon Police Department is issuing an alert

It may seem obvious that this hundred dollar bill is fake. But what if you sold something on Facebook Marketplace and the buyer gave you money, do you review it right then and there? Well, you probably should. I am the gullible one who puts the wads of cash in his pocket and tells the stranger that he trusts them. It’s a true story, but luckily no one has tried to give it to me Movie accounts.

The Mount Vernon, Indiana Police Department shared this warning with residents, along with photos of the counterfeit money.

We have recently received complaints about counterfeit dollar bills. Please watch out for them. The typical ones we see are similar to the ones below and are labeled “For Film Use Only”.

If you spotted “COPY”, you’ve found the clue that it’s fake money.

Mount Vernon PD / CANVA

Mount Vernon PD / CANVA

Has anyone famous touched this play money?

I imagine if this was actually used in a movie, that’s a movie for you young people, it would probably be on eBay.

How do money pens work?

If a teller uses a counterfeit pen on your money, please don’t be offended. You could get a fake bill when another business gave you change. It’s always important to review paper money because people will unfortunately try to rip you off quickly.

Another example of counterfeit money

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