Costco Is Making A Pizza Change At This Food Zone — Eat This, Not That

Costco’s retro food courts and, more importantly, the cheap but friendly snacks they provide are a big part of what draws people to the wholesale club. While some menu items have come and gone over the last few years, members can always count on a few classic favorites to savor as post-shopping rewards.

The store’s famous $1.50 hot dogs and pizzas, which sell for $1.99 per slice or $9.95 for a full 18-section, have been long-standing options, and each has been priced in since they first launched their menus. they remained relatively unchanged. Now, however, customers ordering a whole pizza will notice a slight change.

While the contents remain the same, Costco’s Kirkland Signature pizza boxes now feature a new How2Recycle label as part of the company’s sustainability initiatives, according to the April issue of the chain’s Costco Connection magazine.

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This change resulted from the results of a 2020 study commissioned by the Recycling Partnership and cited in the sustainable packaging section of Costco’s website.

“Research has found that even moderate grease on packaging allows recycling,” the Costco web page states. “That’s why we added the How2Recycle® label to our food court pizza boxes to communicate this to our members in 2021.”

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The How2Recycle stamp establishes a standardized system that notifies consumers which items can be recycled and communicates clear instructions on how to do so.

Costco, one of the nation’s largest pizza chains, inevitably manufactures and sells a significant number of cardboard boxes, and the addition of labeling is meant to reduce the waste they produce. However, the retailer’s first Facebook post in October 2021 announcing the change was met with some confusion and concern over its ability to recycle pizza boxes and some regulations that may be relevant.

Members noted in the comments some recycling rules that new pizza boxes cannot follow. However, if you buy a pizza from the warehouse now, the box will have a new label.

Unfortunately for fans of the worthy combo pizza, this is the only change to pizza hitting the food courts right now. It seems like Costco hasn’t given up on its re-emergence, and the veggie, chili, and sausage mix is ​​still MIA.

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