Consumers look for the values ​​behind a brand

Sirha Lyon (France, 19-23 January 2023) is a five-part meeting dedicated to the world of catering with exchanges of good practices and innovative ideas, an expression of a world in constant evolution. It is a reference for the catering and hotel sector and emphasizes the exchange of knowledge and know-how between professionals.

Pictured: Stefania Montali, marketing manager and owner of Industrie Montali

“The fair got off to a slow start due to snow and transportation issues, but things really picked up on the second day. Although it is well known that the French tend to be historically nationalistic, visitors were curious about Italian products and were happy to approach a brand that communicates a system of values ​​and service where appearance and substance go from pair,” explains Stefania Montali, marketing manager and owner of Industrie Montali.


Industrie Montali is an Emilian company with a history of more than 100 years that has managed to intercept consumer needs by anticipating changes in lifestyles and food consumption, especially in the last twenty years. From processing tomato waste, the company moved on to ready-to-eat single-dose sauces and pâtés in tubes.

At Sirha Lyon, Industrie Montali presented the entire range. The most popular products are sauces and the new Chef range. Sauces include Sweet and Sour Onion, Cocktail, Barbecue and Ketchup, and they are available in single-dose tubes and sachets. Ketchup is the second most popular product in some Eastern European countries after mayonnaise and the flagship of the company’s product line.

The Chef line is made up of thick pasta in tubes with a high concentration of raw material, available in the following versions: onion, capers, garlic, fried and double tomato concentrate. The products are attractive and benefit from an original packaging since they are sold in tubes of 90 grams. They are easy to use and suitable for adding flavor to sauces, meat dishes or a first course. They are not a threat to traditional cuisine, but rather a valid aid in cooking a simple but tasty pasta dish even out of season.

“Sirha Lyon has enabled interesting contacts that we will have to develop and strengthen. Potential buyers from France and many other European countries visited our stand, as well as operators from the Arab Emirates and Asia. I would say that it is one of the leading shows for the restaurant and hotel industry and that it represents the expression of a sector that is increasingly committed to the ongoing green revolution. According to the first Sirha Food study, conducted in September 2022 with more than 200 French professionals, more than 86% of operators are working on an eco-responsible transition approach (100% of producers, 79% of restaurateurs and 78% of suppliers, distributors and digital operators).”

The wide range of EasyMontali products includes snacks, ready sauces, catering and organic and vegan lines and meets multiple needs. It is available for both retail/H&R and private label sectors, with 80% export rate to USA, Singapore, UK, Germany, Czech Republic and in Belgium.

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