Comma Coffee Shut Down by Health Department Reports ‘Severe’ Rat Infestations, Expired Food, Cats Living Indoors, More | Carson City Nevada News

According to reports by the Carson City health inspector, Comma Coffee has been cited several times over the past year for serious health code violations, including improperly storing raw food and having a severe rat infestation.

The Department of Health has closed Comma Coffee at 312 South Carson Street, right after an inspection on January 18 when the restaurant failed to fix multiple critical violations despite numerous warnings.

After introducing Comma Coffee with a “B” rating in December, which by law is required to be posted on the door for consumers to see, the signs were removed—twice—a misdemeanor charge, according to the report. The first removal of the tag took place on December 19, just five days after Class B was posted, and again on December 23 after Comma Coffee was told by the Department of Health that the tag removal was a misdemeanor charge on December 19. .

Now, Comma Coffee has been shut down by the health department for its repeated violations and faces fees and court appearances with city officials over the removal of their hashtag.

According to the report now obtained by Carson, Comma Coffee has been repeatedly cited for infractions such as having rat and rat feces, improperly storing raw eggs and meat, failing to provide warnings to consumers, cats living on the premises, and more.

You can read a summary of some of the violations below:

Violations include:

  • The presence of rat and rat feces near the preparation station, under the sink, under food shelves and near chemicals
  • Pest infestation has been reported to be a frequent problem and has become “severe”
  • Storing raw eggs improperly
  • Eggs, meat and bread were stored on the floor
  • The floors, walls and ceilings were reported to be “filthy”.
  • Store food for sale in a refrigerated display case above the appropriate temperature
  • Holes were found throughout the facility to allow pests to enter
  • Staff did not wash hands or switch gloves as requested
  • The bleach tub does not contain any bleach in the water used to sanitize dishes
  • Many food items are not dated
  • Many ready-to-eat food items that are for sale but have an expired date are marked – up to two weeks in some cases
  • The pantry and kitchen areas were “full” of personal items which prohibited proper cleaning
  • There is no food safety training for the staff
  • No consumer advisory has been published advising on the risks of eating rare, raw or undercooked animal foods.
  • Several cats were observed within the facility, and a cat door was installed allowing cats to freely enter and exit the facility
  • Cat food and water feeders and a cat bed are located in the storage area near the pots, even after health officials told staff to remove all cats from the facility and close the cat door
  • Refrigeration records have not been updated since September, ensuring temperature control
  • Test strips were not available on site to determine disinfectant concentrations
  • Household equipment not suitable for restaurants was used in the preparation area
  • Chopping boards and blocks have been excessively broken, chipped, or chipped, allowing bacteria to be present
  • A birth defect warning has not been published in alcohol
  • The satisfactory employee policy is not posted or specified

In June 2022, Comma Coffee was again cited for the presence of insects, failure to properly mark dates on food, failure to store food, including meat, at appropriate temperatures, failure to maintain plumbing in bathrooms and to provide ‘proper’ toilet facilities. ”, and failing to remove clutter and personal items from the pantry area, kitchen, and more.

“Due to historic non-compliance, no request for re-inspection or resolution of violations has been filed, notice has been given to suspend the facility’s environmental health permit,” the health inspector wrote on January 18, “The facility must remain closed until all violations are resolved and re-examinations paid.” And implemented.

In addition, the letter “B” score was posted on the front window again and staff were told it could not be removed.

According to the report, the owner, John Joplin, was not on site during several follow-up searches and searches.

As of the January 18th report, Joplin had not contacted the Department of Health regarding the multiple violations.

Carson now tries to contact Joplin but is unsuccessful.

The sign on the Kofi comma section states:

We will be back opening soon and better than ever!!!!!
Thank you for your understanding and patience
– June Crew and Comma”