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The bean ball is back at Great American Ball Park.


It’s been a hell of a week full of arrests, lawsuits and controversial laws. But it’s not all doom and gloom, thank goodness. Cincinnati also enjoys support from Black businesses, innovative musicians, and new restaurants. Moreover, CityBeatThe new print edition is now on newsstands and features a cover story about a big winning college program. Follow the titles below.

Affirmations: Teen from Southwest Ohio Was Raped by Family Member Having to Travel to Indiana for Abortion Care
A Hamilton County judge has temporarily restored access to abortion care in Ohio through October 14. Blok was part of the Preterm Cleveland and Dave Yost lawsuit filed by various abortion providers in the state. “Since its enactment on June 24, 2022, SB 23 has had devastating consequences for the health and well-being of Ohioans seeking basic reproductive health care,” the move says. To read CityBeatIt’s the story of doctors telling what happened to people who could get pregnant, especially teenagers who were assaulted.

Report: Cincinnati is in the Top 10 US Cities for Highest Annual Rent Increases
The pandemic-induced single-family housing craze may be cooling off a bit, but Cincinnati rents don’t seem to have reached their limits yet. According to a September 15 report from, Cincinnati is one of the top 10 US cities with the highest average annual rent growth for the month of August. Moreover, this increase is felt by the tenants of both one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. To read CityBeat‘s story of how much local rent has risen and why residents’ rent burden is unsustainable.

Cincinnati Police Arrest a 14-Year-Old Boy For Killing A Teen On The Rhine Despite Recent Anti-Violent Measures
A 15-year-old boy has died after more than a month of controversial efforts by the Cincinnati Police Department and city leaders to reduce gun violence on Over-the-Rhine’s Main Street. The attack took place a short block from Main Street’s entertainment district, which has seen major changes in the city following the hospitalization of nine people on August 7. To read CityBeatThe story of what city officials and county officials had to say about the incident.

Study: Black-Owned Businesses Contribute Billions to the Greater Cincinnati Economy
In partnership with the University of Cincinnati Center for Economics, the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) released its “Economic Impact of Black-Owned Businesses in the Communities of Southwest Ohio” findings this week. The study found that Black-owned businesses in Greater Cincinnati have supported more than $2.1 billion in economic activity, up from $1.4 billion since the study was first conducted in 2021. To read CityBeat‘s story about growing industries for Black businesses and the resources available to entrepreneurs.

Jets Flying Immigrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard were from the Charter Company at Akron-Canton Airport
Ultimate Jet, a private jet charter company based at Akron-Canton Airport, was contracted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to fly nearly 50 immigrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard in a highly publicized political stunt. The Associated Press and others reported that the immigrants flew from Texas to Crestview, Florida, with no warning or information about what had happened to them, and were given maps of Massachusetts. To read CityBeat‘s story about why people are so scared and cursing at DeSantis and this app.

Ohio House Republicans Present Legislation That Forces Schools to Disclose ‘Sexually Obscene Content’ Taught in Classrooms
Two Ohio House Republicans passed a law on September 15 that would force school administrations to disclose all “sexually explicit content” taught in class to parents. Representatives representing Butler County, Sara Carruthers, and incumbent DJ Swearingen, who sided with Jim Obergefell in northern Ohio, decline to state that they are trying to fully inform parents about the incident that occurred in the classrooms. To read CityBeat‘s story on why its laws are aimed at reducing health science and LGBTQ debate.

Friday Night Lights: Partnership with ESPN+ Brings University of Cincinnati Media Production Students to National Highlights
If you’ve ever watched a UC matchday broadcast on ESPN+, you may not have known that the live production was directed by students. No other school in the American Athletic Conference (AAC) uses student media teams tied to a curriculum to produce live broadcasts for the network, and in just a few years, the unique partnership has created postgraduate jobs and attracted ambitious high school students. To read CityBeatHere’s the story of how UC’s program got students jobs with TV networks, major sports franchises, and more.

Cincinnati Reds Set MLB’s Pitching Record as 2022 Season Shuffles to Sad End
The Cincinnati Reds are in another season of defeat, but the team is still breaking records – just not the kind fans want. In their September 20 loss to the Boston Red Sox, Reds starting pitcher Nick Lodolo hit three Sox hits, helping Cincinnati set the Major League Baseball record for most opponents in a season. The Reds have now hit 99 in 2022. To read CityBeat‘s story of dubious honor and what’s left for the season’s last breaths.

Everything We Saw at the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Every year, Point Pleasant, located just above the southeast Ohio border, celebrates its claim to fame: Mothman. In 1966 and 1967, many in the Point Pleasant area reported seeing a towering humanoid resembling a bird with glowing red eyes, and in the years that followed, the Mothman became an unlikely mascot for the town and a point of adoration for the rest. world. To see CityBeat‘s photos from the 2022 Mothman Festival and getting ready to be a believer.

Cincinnati Native Clockwork DJ Keeps Working
In the 2000s, Clockwork DJ’s local profile as a rising young DJ exploded into national and international consciousness when a local hip hop promoter introduced Clock to young rapper Mac Miller. Clock was Miller’s official DJ for nine years and became one of his closest friends, accompanying him in the studio and providing the soundtrack for each tour. Things tragically came to a standstill when Miller died of an accidental overdose in 2018. To read CityBeat‘s story will learn how Clockwork DJ reinvented himself after Miller’s death.

Food: Great Cincinnati Restaurant Openings You Might Have Missed
It’s been a sweet summer for the Cincinnati food scene, with several bakeries and ice cream shops opening recently. But it’s not all just sugar – there’s some spice as well. To read CityBeatThe story of ‘s new favorite brunch, Italian, deli and burger joint.

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