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Using her family’s recipes, Monica Brenner bakes authentic Czech kolaches in the heart of old Rosenberg, above the Vogelsang Antique Emporium and next to the Creative Learning Society’s Agatha Theatre.

The Beeline Baking storefront opened in the spring of 2021 after Brenner spent several months selling baked goods at a farmer’s market stand.

“The girl next door who runs the Creative Learning Society had a farmer’s market once a month that I did and she said, ‘There’s this space upstairs that nobody really uses. You might want to ask the landlord if you can rent it out because it’s about the right size and you can get it cleared,” Brenner explained. “And I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to try this.'”

Now that the bakery has obtained permits for the former theater stand, it offers a wide variety of flavored Czech kolaches, pies and chocolate-dipped cookies.


“When we started our business, we hoped to continue an enduring family tradition of sharing delicious recipes with the Rosenberg community,” reads Beeline Baking’s Facebook description. “Today we have an impressive menu of Czech kolaches filled with fruit and cream cheese, as well as cookies and pies. We prioritize freshness and flavor without ever compromising on quality, so we never cook with corn syrup or added preservatives. »

Since the age of eight, Brenner has had a knack for cooking.

“I just like to cook,” Brenner said. “I’ve been doing it since I was eight and I have two sons that I’m constantly trying to nurture, so that’s part of it.”

After translating their family’s kolache recipe from Czech to English, Brenner has never stopped producing authentic Czech treats.

“My aunt — who is almost 90 — taught my mother and [me] a few years ago,” Brenner said. “When I finally lost my job, [I was] go, ‘OK, what do I really want to do with my life?’ [I realized] that’s it. I want to cook.

Brenner shared that the most rewarding part of running his bakery is interacting with the community.

“I have time to talk to customers,” Brenner explained. “And so, instead of being like a big box store [where] you just got checked, i’m getting to know [the customers]. This is part of building community.

For “Czech” Beeline Baking, visit the storefront at 1909 Ave. G, Suite 202 in Rosenberg, visit website, call (281) 299-1931 or follow Facebook and Instagram accounts by searching for Beeline Baking.