Cheerio Coffee, a Takeout Window and Micro Oven, Opens in West Perth

The donuts at Cheerio Coffee, a small coffee shop and bakery that opened in December, are terrific. Filled with three different types of cheese (goat ricotta, pecorino, feta) and topped with seeds and spices, these cheeses are a triumph for plant-based flavor. Knotted cinnamon buns, like oversized burrito wool balls, are also a good time and something I’d like to revisit soon—as long as I leave enough room to try whatever sandwich (naturally made with home-made bread) when I visit.

In short: Cheerio may be small, but the daily changing bakery options can cause big problems for those who have a hard time making decisions. Courtney Gibb, who co-owns Cheerio with his wife Simone Gibb, isn’t trying to fuel the flames of FOMO: she’s just returning to Perth’s hospitality scene after a two-year leave.

“I wanted a brick-and-mortar place of my own where I could cook and cook the things I enjoy eating and eating,” says Gibb, who seems to be enjoying his return to the hospo scene. wide sheet.

If Gibb’s name doesn’t sound immediately familiar, you’re probably familiar with his previous businesses. After finishing at Shenton Park’s legendary Star Anise, he became head chef at Greenhouse, where he cooks with Star Anise graduate Matt Stone. He then spent seven years at Mary Street Bakery, where he worked until the position of head baker. While Cheerio’s cozy one-man bakery represents a change of landscape and scale for Gibb, it’s a workplace fit for Gibb’s life as a young father.

“It would be an hour when I was alone at the bakery on Mary Street,” he says. “I have always enjoyed such peace and quiet before the war began and the cavalry arrived.”

If West Perth locals frequented this coffee window when it was the original Cleaver Street Coffee, they may be familiar with the location of Cheerio Coffee. As a local resident, Gibb has been a regular at Cleaver Street Coffee and hopes Cheerio will serve the community as his predecessor did. After a month, some signatures are starting to appear. These donuts and cinnamon buns are, unsurprisingly, Cheerio’s bestsellers. Sandwich fillings change regularly, but the bread will always be tin loaves of sourdough baked using home-ground flour. Stuffed assortments are part of the weekend treat. Coffee comes from Five Senses, while a bench out front provides locals with a place to sit and watch the world and Cleaver Street pass.

Cheerio Coffee
50 Cleaver Street, West Perth

Mon – Sat 06:00–13:30