Charity event – Learn to make pasta while supporting hospitalized children

Would you like to teach your children to make pasta while supporting other children who are currently receiving medical treatment?

On Sunday 11th February from 4pm we will be hosting a series of Kids Pasta Party at the Chelsea Creperie based in Chelsea, West London.

Join us, cook pasta and have fun with us while supporting hospitalized children.

We will teach your children how to create simple and delicious homemade pasta shapes from scratch – a special form of regional pasta from southern Italy.

How is the class structured?

Children will be welcomed with healthy and light snacks, while mums can order tea from the cafe upstairs. We will do everything from scratch using organic and local flours.

At the end of the class, kids leave with a healthy recipe card, a bag of goodies, and a bag full of their pasta masterpieces.

What do the children do during the lesson?

We will teach kids how to make simple and healthy pasta dough with only 2 ingredients. Once we have done this, we will make the shape of the pasta: Maccherroni Calabresi.

Kids will have the recipe at home with some instructions on how to cook and serve it.

The class will last about 30 minutes and it will be great fun for the children.



About the event

The idea for this fundraising event came from a local Italian pasta maker, Vittoria Valeriana Veltri, who was super enthusiastic about the Smile And Make Pasta project and felt the need to help and contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, making it visible in the City of London.

About the project

Smile And Make Pasta is a fun pasta workshop designed for children undergoing cancer treatment. Initially crowdfunding in Italy.

With Smile and Make Pasta, we want to give children the feeling of being able to feel “home away from home” during their treatment. The workshops will give children the chance to learn how to make pasta and have fun while eating their own creations.

The magic art of being able to transform flour and water into shapes such as tagliatelle, farfalle, gnocchi, in addition to being an interesting game for children, will help them with their memory, to improve their manual skills and grow in harmony with the others.

This is why it is so important to transmit this art to the youngest, involving them in the “kitchen”, just as our Italian Nonnas did with us using simple cooking techniques, with an emphasis on the importance of eating fresh, seasonal and local foods. wherever possible. In addition, during our workshops, we will teach them how to draw a table providing useful information regarding utensils, cooking utensils and pasta methods.

The main objective of Smile & Make Pasta is not only to involve children in the making of pasta, and thus to learn from what our planet offers, but to use the magical world of pasta to create moments joyful and playful taking them out of their hospital routine.

This project will combine fun and entertaining times with the educational experience in the kitchen for children in treatment.

During the workshops, the children will be able to learn:

At the end of the workshops, children can taste their pasta creations shortly after the workshop.

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