Celebrity chef Antonia Lofaso will speak at the annual Wild Alaska Pollock meeting


SEATTLE, Wash.—The Los Angeles TV personality and celebrity chef will headline the Wild Alaska Pollock Annual Meeting on October 17, 2022 at the Westin Seattle, the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) Association of Alaska announced today. The meeting will once again bring together representatives from all sectors of the Wild Alaska Pollock industry, and attendees will enjoy Chef Antonia’s unique perspective on the world of food, the restaurant industry, television cooking shows and how consumers connect with new proteins like Wild Alaska. Pollock.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have a chef of Antonia’s caliber grace our stage for our fourth annual meeting,” said GAPP CEO Craig Morris. “It’s no secret that Wild Alaskan Pollock has made its way onto the menus of high-end restaurants across the United States many times. Chef Antonia brings her unique and personal perspective to everything she does and I’m excited to see how Wild Alaskan Pollock can ‘break through’ this channel and our fish to share honest thoughts about the possibilities they will have in the future, both for the home chef and the professional chef.’

Chef Antonia is also at the forefront of GAPP’s “Always On” awareness and petition campaign launched on July 11th on social media in the The campaign features popular network influencers, led by celebrity chef Antonia, creating trending recipes with Wild Alaska Pollock products and engaging home cooks from coast to coast about the unique qualities of the fish and fishery. Chef Antonia’s recipe is one that is very close to her heart – Wild Alaskan Pollock Milanese with summer tarragon salad and basil aioli – as her mother would cook whitefish when she was growing up.

“Wild Alaska Pollock truly aligns with my core values ​​and is a canvas for a wide variety of cuisines and flavors,” said Chef Lofaso. “It’s a very versatile, ‘entry level’ fish and I think there’s a lot of potential in both retail and food service. I look forward to leading a bold discussion about the future with the industry’s best in October.”

GAPP’s Annual Meeting will begin at 8:00 am and continue until 5:00 pm with a reception immediately following. Information about the event’s theme and a detailed agenda is available at

GAPP would like to thank today’s event sponsors: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Urner Barry, Port of Seattle, Aquamar, Alaska Ship Supply, Gorton’s, Seafood Nutrition Partnership, Ketchum, Northwest Farm Credit Services, HPN Global, Baader, Angulas Aguinaga, High Liner Foods, Eat Well Global, Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, Beck Pack Systems and Alaskan Observers, Inc.

GAPP is seeking additional sponsors for this spectacular event. Businesses interested in sponsoring this event can contact GAPP for more information at [email protected]