BYO Banned: 100 Delicious Culinary Trends

Bad news if you like to save money on alcohol at restaurants – BYO is a dying trend.

The beloved bring-your-own-wine-or-beer-to-dining habit is being welcomed in fewer and fewer places.

It’s one of the most notable trends noted by the expert restaurant review team behind this year. delicious100 list of the best restaurants in each state.

National Restaurant Editor Erina Starkey reviewed hundreds of locations for the 2022 list, with the top 50 to be revealed this weekend. Here, she reveals what’s hot — and what’s not — on the 2022 menu.



Advance reservations

As restaurants move to a reservation-only model, they’ve opened up a new time slot and we think your grandma is going to love it. It’s official, the 5:30 p.m. reservation is the 7:30 p.m. news. Australians are going out to dinner earlier than ever, leaving plenty of time for a good night’s rest.

Snacking all night

Diners across the country are ditching the long dinner for a meal full of snacks. Smaller plates mean you can try more dishes, with the option to add dishes as the night goes on.


Sharpen your chopsticks, there’s a new way to enjoy your favorite sushi dishes. Omakase is the Japanese tradition of leaving it to the chef. Buckle up for a chef’s choice menu of approximately 20 dishes, delivered piece by piece during a three-hour dining experience.

Solo dinner

Whether it’s because our other half is at home with symptoms or because we’re fabulously lonely, more of us want to go it alone when dining out. Restaurants are responding to our unique status with portioned snack plates for one, plus more bar and counter seating with a view of the kitchen for entertaining. Please don’t ask us “will you be dining alone tonight?”

Shrimp toast

A classic of country Chinese restaurants everywhere. Now the fried triangles with its neon pink sweet and sour sauce are making the leap from the yum cha cart to the restaurant table. Chefs enhance the savory toast with additions like yuzu aioli and shrimp bisque dip.



The martini is again becoming the (other) toast of the city. This time it’s not just about what’s in the glass. Restaurants now serve them on engraved silver platters while others have their own dedicated martini trolley so they can be shaken and stirred at the table.

caviar bumps

Forget buckwheat blinis, the new way to enjoy caviar is with a “hit” on the back of the fist followed by a chilled shot of vodka. By placing the caviar on your hand, you heat it to the ideal temperature for consumption.


Cocktail Spritz

We really overdid it – the spritz cocktail finally fell apart. Restaurants and bars are swapping the bright orange aperitif for more sophisticated drinks like martinis and negroni.

Tasting menus

Whether it’s a tasting menu or a tasting menu, diners no longer want their dinner dictated to them. With the current cost of living crisis, diners are looking for more menu flexibility and less upfront financial commitment.

Without an appointment

Gone are the days when you could just walk into the CBD and just walk into a restaurant of your choice. Ha ha no. Now the only way in is through the online reservation system, with tables taken weeks, sometimes months, in advance.


Although we like to bring our own, fewer and fewer restaurants allow it. Many hospitality venues rely on revenue from the wine list, which is why they inflate their own bottles and ban BYO.

Watch out for the top 50 restaurants in your state this weekend. Issues 100-50 came out last week. Visit for more information.

Originally published as BYO banned: what’s hot and what’s not in food trends