Busy people share easy meal ideas to make after a long day – without notes

Are you one of those people who lead busy lives? Your morning must be hectic and making time for yourself seems like a distant reality. During these times, all we wish for is some time to relax and have a relaxing meal. Unfortunately, not many people have this luxury. And when that happens, we rely on food deliveries or instant food packages. However, food from outside can negatively affect your health if eaten daily. So, if you want to switch up your routine and have healthy meals, NDTV Food recently asked people what meals they go for after a busy day. Here we give you some of their responses and meal ideas!

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1. “My work finishes around 9:30 p.m.; after that, I generally like something simple. So, I keep the wheat dough ready in the fridge. Then if I have any leftover vegetables from the day before, I make a quick paratha and enjoy it.” With some suburb. It’s satisfying and healthy, too.”

Shreya Surana, 31, California


2. “I get home late in the evening, and since I live alone I am generally confused about what I should prepare. The easiest thing for me is to put together a sandwich. I mix onions, tomatoes, cucumbers in a hanging card, spices and crush them between pieces Bread. Later, I grill it on a stove with some rai. It doesn’t take 10 minutes to cook this.”

– Ayoshi Dhawan, 24, lawyer


3. “I’m a big sweet person, but making it takes a lot of time. So, if I’m ever craving something sweet after a long day, I take a piece of bread and add some ghee to it and load it up with sugar. Then I bake this until the sugar is caramelized on the bread. It’s An instant dessert that makes 5 minutes. And if you eat it with ice cream, it’s even better.”

Radhi Jain, 27, counsellor

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4. “Any day I get tired, my favorite meal is sukhi aloo sabzi and roti. I like to have aloo ki sabzi drenched in spices with a bit of lemon for extra flavour. This with plain volka and a side of onions is a quick and simple meal.”

— Daxit Sondagar, 26, design engineer


5. “The meal I make is a favorite of many people – Maggi. But, before you ask why I eat Maggi, let me explain to you how I make it. I love the pasta bowl that has more veggies. I add every leftover vegetable from my fridge with extra seasoning in My recipe. Later, I cook Maggi with those veggies. It’s easy and ready in 10 minutes.”

– Arjun, 33, senior manager


6. “My meal isn’t really an exciting recipe, but since it’s healthy, I don’t mind eating it. My whole day in the office goes just by eating chips or crackers. And when I want to make up for guilt I eat unhealthy, I make oats at night. And I mix Some vegetables and I put tadka on top to make it delicious.”

Muskan Gupta, 24, fashion designer


7. “I saw this recipe on rollers and since that day I have become a fan of it. Here, I make use of leftover rotis with eggs. I first prepare a mixture of eggs with spices, then add it to a pan, on top of that I add the roti. It becomes like an egg roll. Fast and fits my diet too!”

Mayank Rastogi, 29, businessman


What are your favorite meal options after a busy day? Let us know in the comments below!