Brownie and Frownie: The Browns finally put together a full game and give the Steelers 29-17 . defeated by

The Browns and the Steelers were both going 1-1-0 in the game. Oddly enough, every AFC North team lost last week. Cleveland needs a win in their first five games as the schedule is not at all good from Week 6-on.

The three Browns defensive players are experiencing an exceptional season so far and are all in Pro Football Focus Top-10 in the defensive category: Miles Garrett, Anthony Walker and Joke. Walker was kicked off the field in the third quarter and the joke was gone and never returned.

What needs to change is how the defensive backfield handles its coverage as the receivers are running in a completely open field in each of the first two games.

In the end, Cleveland played well on offense, defense, and special teams, winning 29–17.


Did you know that if the Browns’ coach had agreed to kneel three plays then the Jets kick a field goal at the end of the game and leave New York only five seconds Cleveland would be 3-0-0?

So who played well for the Browns? Who didn’t?


LG Joel Bittonio – Bits held their ground as they passed below and pulled quite to the right tonight. With the Browns third on the 12-yard line in the second quarter and facing three, it was Bittonio leading Karim Hunt who took out Ahkelo Witherspoon for a four-yard advantage and first and goal. The next game was a David Nojoku touchdown catch. De DeLonte devastated Scott in Quarter 4 when he pulled off which enabled Kareem Hunt to gain five yards for the Steelers three-yard line.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

David Nojoku of Cleveland Browns #85 welcomes you for a touchdown
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

te david nojoku – Finally a nice productive game. Browns second was a crisp passage with a superb grab by TD Nozoku. With less than three minutes to play before halftime, he took several fine catches, including a first down grab of two who found the soft zone. The third stanza got 12-yards across the screen as Najoku followed his detractors instead of trying to outrun them. Couldn’t cradle the ball on both as the third quarter was curved on a good hit from CB Cameron Sutton, though Njoku had both hands on the ball. Made a fine catch for the first down with just over seven minutes to move the chains in a drive, where Brown needed the clock to wind down. Nine receptions, 10 goals for 89 yards.

WR Amari Cooper – With 8:43 on the clock in the third quarter, Coop made a fine grab and then slid down the sideline for a massive 28-yard lead with most of the yardage after the catch. Runs a fine route on a predictable run play to start the fourth quarter and take a 32-yard lead. Facing number three and 12, the shot should have been shot with just over five minutes to play in the game, but misjudged the path of the ball that hit him in the facemask. Seven receptions, 11 goals for 101 yards.

QB Jacoby Brissette – Made a poor throw as the third quarter ended for Cooper which could have been a pick inside 10. Tonight he was throwing in rhythm and had two important sneaks for the first down. What about a third and a one in the fourth quarter, where he took a new route and gained four yards, which gave the offense first and goal on eight? His coverage analysis was on point. On third and a pass to Cooper for a key first to start the fourth quarter, Brissette completely sold the action of the play. Mentioned by TV announcers as a game manager but proved that he is much more than that. Finished with 21 completions on 31 attempts for 220 yards with two touchdown passes.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns


rb nick chubb – This dude cuts in one go and once engaged has tremendous power. He almost broke it in the second game of the game. What a good run was left with 14:04 in the game when he jump-cut and then slammed two defenders for a 16-yard lead as three Steelers brought him down, pushing him over the 100-yard limit. Done. How many times have we seen Chub fly into the end field for a short yardage play as he did in the fourth quarter? Finished with 113 yards on 23 carries.

RG Wyatt Taylor – Whether it was Chub or Hunt, those better advantages were on the right. The chub touchdown in the fourth was between Taylor and center Ethan Posik which was a huge hole.

fourth down play – Can’t beat three for three, right? Sneaking two briskets and then chewing from a yard a fourth-quarter touchdown put the Steelers two points down.

Lack of wide-as open receivers – Finally, some communication and more man coverage to solve secondary issues.

Major Fourth Quarter Drives – A chub on a fourth and one ended with a one-yard dip to take a 23-14 lead. 80 yards, 11 plays and 6:30 of the precious clock chewed up and kept the Steelers off the field.

Defense is taking an edge and not breaking – For the first two contests, this Cleveland defense took a good lead and then disbanded it. This game, when it needed to be done in the fourth quarter, showed the defense it was serious about this year.

Steelers third down conversion – Zero for three in the first half, one for five in the second half. Good job “D.”


opening drive – Brown won the coin flip and instead of putting it off until the second half, he fielded his offense. After Nick Chubb almost took it home on the second play and got the first down, then….nothing. Out comes puncher Corey Bjorkez who launches a rocket downfield but in the end zone. The Steelers defense that came in this game was considered weak. Way to boost their confidence. No points – no glory.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns


lack of pass rush – Miles Garrett needed a sack to break the franchise record for career sacks and was MIA in the first half. Jadeveon Clowney’s loss must have been huge as his replacements, rookie Alex Wright and Isaac Rochelle, did not provide much penetration. DT Teven Bryan, DT Tommy Togia and DT Jordan Elliott? Not much going on. The Steelers’ offensive line was criticized for being so porous during the first two matches that it suddenly appeared full of pro bowlers. There was good pressure on both Jordan and Garrett just before the half. With 1:16 in the third quarter, Garrett finally reached the quarterback with a QB hit, but no sack.

missed tackle – For the second week in a row, the Browns defense missed critical tackles at the wrong time. On the Nazi Harris touchdown run to start the second quarter, Harris ran to the left, with S. Grant Delpit whispering it to the line just five yards away. Then S. John Johnson met Harris on both and a hard hand later lay on the field while Harris had six. This was Johnson’s second missed tackle in the first half. Jacob Phillips and Zion Takitaki missed out on QB Michelle Trubisky in the second quarter before they hit Dionte Johnson for a big advantage on the drive, which eventually became the Steelers’ second score.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns


Sports injuries – LB Anthony Walker suffered a knee injury in the third, for which the car was called. Around the same time frame, JOK walked out with a quad injury and was suspicious of a return. DT Teven Bryan had a hamstring problem, which was tagged suspiciously. LT Jedric Wills went down but came back later in the third quarter.

Milk Bones – It starts with “Here, hold my beer”.

special team – The coverage of the punt was excellent. Punter Corey Bjorkez slammed his first 61-yard kick and then a horrific shake that gave Pittsburgh great field position near midfield. In quarter #4, his 48-yard kick landed at five and another kicked inside 20 and his final punt out at four. K Cade York lost an extra point for the second week in a row. His kickoff usually landed at minus-8 range and was 34-yards right on field goal in quarter #3 to give Cleveland 16-14. The crucial PAT in the fourth quarter was a waver after Cleveland went up 23-14, but it was good to make it a two-score game. KR Jerome Ford came out of the end zone and finished 12th after the Steelers’ second touchdown in the first half for terrible field conditions. PR Chester Rogers was picked up from the practice squad and took two reasonable catches in traffic, leaving the ball wisely alone to bounce the ball in the third quarter.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

John Johnson III #43
Photo by Nick Cammet/Getty Images

S John Johnson – Made a fine play on RB Jaylen Warren with just over six minutes left, punching the ball in second stanza only to play Steelers’ Dionte Johnson to drop it on. Johnson had a fine defense over WR Chase Claypool, with just under nine minutes to play in the game, which would have been earlier. With 3:52 left in the first half and the Steelers two seconds down at the Browns, Trubisky threw a handoff and then smashed the right pylon. Johnson had made a certain tackle on four, but attempted to make the tackle too high and fell. Trubisky scored instead of a tackle for the defeat.

C Ethan Posik – Had some issues and some plays were handled by Pittsburgh DT Tyson Oulalu. With 1:58 to play before halftime on the second down play, Posick destroyed LB Robert Spillane to move to second level as Hunt shaved Posick’s back for an 11-yard advantage as Chain continued. It was Posik who was moving that pile in the third quarter that gave Chub an extra five yards. Two QB sneaks for the first down were also a POSIC highlight. On Chub’s jump-cut run in the fourth, Posick whispered at his man LB Malik Reid, who hit the first on Chub but luckily bounced. The very next play Posick replaced former Brown Larry Ogunjobi as Hunt received eight.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

Jacob Phillips #50 with Sean Takataki #44
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LB’s Tony Fields, Jacob Phillips and zion sotaki – With two starting linebackers, the backup was called. Fields recognized the run play and finished the third quarter with 2:27 to beat Nazi Harris with a one-yard lead. The very next play Trubisky rolled out a QB and had an open field with Takitaki making a shoestring tackle for minimal gain. He was also good at coverage. Phillips had just under five minutes to play and the Steelers faced third and three and were forced to punt despite being nine points down. With less than two minutes into the game, Phillips (leading all tacklers with seven) knocked out tee Pat Freiremuth on the third down pass attempt, which forced a field goal.

and Hjalte Froholdt – There was a backup right guard fullback in the last field on Chub’s jump in the fourth quarter. As center Posick and RG Taylor opened a hole, it was Froholt who pulled out incoming linebacker Devin Bush and then pushed him into the end zone and out of harm’s way. Sometimes you play a play and get mentioned.