‘Boost Your Vegan Diet With Prunes,’ Expert Says | Article

Prunes Strengthen Bones in Vegetarians and Vegans, California Prune Brand Nutritionist Reveals

As the trend toward veganism and vegetarianism continues to grow, Joe Travers, California Prunes brand ambassador and expert nutritionist, advises those switching to a plant-based diet to ensure they don’t miss out on nutrients important to their overall health. I recommend that

This follows a study published last summer that found that middle-aged women who ate no meat at all were more likely to have hip fractures than women who ate meat and fish. The report, conducted by researchers at the University of Leeds, found that vegetarians appear to be at higher risk of hip fractures, with BMI and nutrient deficiencies thought to play a role.

Travers, BSc RD MBDA, Registered Dietitian, said: To ensure a healthy diet, it is imperative to have a balanced intake of nutrients across the major food groups and to get the protein normally found in meat from other sources. Substitutes include dairy products, beans, legumes, lentils, and tofu.

Travers adds: “Both calcium and vitamin D play an important role in bone health. Calcium can be obtained from dairy products and dark green leafy vegetables, while vitamin D is produced by the body from sunlight and is found in fatty fish. In addition to calcium and vitamin D, it contains a variety of bone-strengthening vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6, vitamin K, potassium, and manganese found in prunes.”

A major study published last year outlined how prunes can help prevent bone loss in the hip joints and prevent the risk of fractures thanks to their nutritional profile. maintained hip bone mineral density (BMD) and increased fracture risk in postmenopausal women.

Travers adds: Eating a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and engaging in weight-bearing exercise are all important factors in building healthy bones. ”

The California Prune Commission was established in 1952 under the authority of the California Secretary of Food and Agriculture to represent growers and handlers.

California is the world’s largest prune producer, with orchards in 14 counties in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys.