Bonding products are essential for damaged hair – how they work

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Have you ever walked out of the salon with bouncy, shiny hair—and were relieved to find it gone? too damaged – only to find out that the effects will disappear in the next few weeks? This may be due to your stylist using a bonding product on your hair. The good news? The hair care category, which has long existed in salons, is becoming more popular with home products.

“These bond/chain repair products have been a game-changer in our industry—we’ve been able to protect hair while coloring or doing other damaging chemical services,” says Tina Dyke, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “In the past, there was no bond protection technology for coloring, straightening and blow drying/heat styling. Recently, many products have ties to protect your hair.”

We spoke to a few hair experts to find out which hair care products have long-term benefits for your hair.

What are Bond Builders?

“The bond builder is a protein-rich formula designed to repair damaged, over-processed hair from bleaching or over-heating,” says Nunzio Saviano, hair stylist and owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon. (For example, Olaplex is one of the most popular hair care brands.)

If you’ve ever dealt with dry, damaged and dull hair, you know how many products are available on the market to help repair any damage. Although they help the hair look better, they may not get to the root cause of the problem.

Rather than simply covering strands with moisture like most products, cross-linking products help repair disulfide bonds or polypeptide chains. inside broken hair during coloring, straightening or thermal exposure. In other words, it helps repair damaged, damaged hair bonds from the inside out. “Think of it as a brace or a splint for broken bones,” says Saviano.

What are the benefits of hair bonding products?

Bonding products help strengthen the chemical makeup of the hair, making it less brittle (read: thicker) and shiny.

This means they are ideal for damaged hair, regardless of texture or type. Due to damaged hair, tie-ins are especially effective when combined with chemical services. However, hair does not have to be dyed or colored to use these products. You can have “girly” hair and still use them for extra oomph.

Deeke recommends purchasing products through a stylist or salon, or through a reputable retailer, as the stylist can recommend which products are best for your hair type. “I usually only prescribe products for the first week and then once a week for maintenance depending on the condition of the hair,” she says.

The best binding products for hair

Bonding agents can be found in hair oils, leave-in products, shampoos, and conditioners. Shop some of our favorites below.

Triple bond complex that proves life

Living Proof’s patented thermo-reactive technology can repair all three broken bonds (hydrogen, ionic, covalent) to restore hair to its healthiest state. A blend of lipids and peptides deeply nourishes the strands, while a blend of biomimetic emollients smoothes and straightens the hair fiber, making it manageable.

Olaplex No. 6 Bond smoothing restorative styling cream

Olaplex’s leave-in style (part of its binder collection) minimizes blow-drying time to minimize heat damage. The brand has a wide range of hair care products (10 products in total) that Dicke says she has been using on her clients for years.

K18 Biomimetic hair mask

“K18 is a simple line with two shampoos and a mask,” says Dieke, who recommends the mask as part of your routine. Popular among professionals, the system is also easy to use at home.

Extra inches LifeSaver pre-wash treatment

Hair is stronger and shinier after using this silicone-free, pre-wash treatment.

Andrew Fitzsimmons AF1 Restructuring Leave-in Conditioner 1 in 10

This leave-in conditioner contains strengthening ceramides and castor oil infused into a hydrating formula. In addition to helping hair health, it reduces frizz and makes styling easier.

Climaplex moisturizing and restoring shampoo

If you want to repair your hair with minimal effort, this shampoo with binding properties is a great place to start.

Bumble and Bumble Bond-Building repair processing

This repair procedure can be used weekly in the shower during hair washing. Experts say this helps repair damage and prevent future fractures.

Amika The Kure multitasking repair routine

Formulated without sulfates and perfect for those with dry hair, this fast-acting mask/styling treatment helps strengthen your hair and reduce breakage. Use it once or twice a week for maximum results.

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