Black-owned chocolate brand named Cadillac’s Exclusive Chocolatier

Luxury cars and luxury chocolates: a match made in heaven.

Memphis-based brand Phillip Ashley is changing the dessert landscape with its wildly imaginative chocolates synonymous with luxury. Led by the mastermind himself, Phillip Ashley Rix spent his childhood tugging at his grandmother Jean’s apron strings to try his luck in the kitchen.

Decades later, Phillip Ashley Chocolates was established with the desire to design and develop the finest and most unique chocolate experience. Phillip’s chocolates are available for purchase online, shipping nationwide and internationally. The brand, so widely regarded, has even caught the eye of one of the most iconic automotive brands in the market: Cadillac.

In addition to creating a custom collection for the Cadillac brand’s first ultra-luxury electric car, CELESTIQ, Rix also provided signature chocolates for the 2023 Lyriq and Escalade V-Series related launch events in Phoenix, in Arizona. Most recently, he partnered with the brand for a Love Jones collection, inspired by the cult film during the ABFF in Miami and for a Cadillac-sponsored party at Martha’s Vineyard.

“We’re two American luxury brands and those two things go really well together,” says Rix. “We said, you’re doing something really good, and we’re doing something really good, so let’s put those two things together where it makes the most sense.”

Black-owned chocolate brand named Cadillac's Exclusive Chocolatier

Rix is ​​no stranger to working with classic brands. Rix has hosted dining experiences at the James Beard House in New York, created tens of thousands of chocolates for Hollywood’s elite at the EMMYS, GRAMMYS, OSCARS, and worked with high-profile clients like FedEx, Disney, and celebrities prominent as Stevie Wonder.

Known as the modern-day “Willy Wonka,” what makes Rix’s brand so unique are mixes like sweet potato, French blue cheese, and bacon-caramel shortbread, to name a few. only a few. As for his favorite flavor, he says he “hasn’t done it yet.” He draws inspiration from everywhere, most recently creating a collection based on your favorite movie snacks. “I’ve had a wild imagination all my life, so I’ve always been curious about people, experiences, and obviously food,” Rix shares. “I lived a lot in my head. I was just very imaginative and very creative.

He continues: “I always think about what lives in the real world and that I can reimagine to turn it into chocolate. That’s my best way to describe it. I’m always observant, constantly talking to people and meeting people, and learning about their experiences.

Rix’s “ah-ha” moment happened overnight – literally. “Just one day I woke up in the middle of the night while living in Baltimore,” he shares. “I had a dream and I thought, “I’m going to make chocolate and be a chocolatier for the rest of my life.”

And the rest was history.

“Very few people who look like me do that. I really want to change that.